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What if? Is it a possibility that Lymphoma is a diagnosis?

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Hi All, 

First I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this post and hopefully provide feed back. My name is Kristen and I am a 32 year old female. Four months ago I went to an urgent care becasue I had a bad saddle sore from road bike riding and had developed a large lump in my groin. Doc said it would drain over time and reduce in size as the wound healed. Well the lump never fully went away but I stopped paying attention to it. Recently however the lump has grown in size and I have noticed a decreased amount of energy and lethargy. I am ussually a very active person and love to run, ride and swim. At first I thought I was tired because of my menstrual cycle but then that ended. I went and saw my Primary Care and he thought I had an infection of the lymphatic sysytem. I was put on antibiotics and told to come back the following week if I did not feel better. Since that time a week has gone by and I am falling alseep on the couch at 9pm and waking up at 8:30/9:00am. I never sleep that much!!! saturday and sunday I took multiple naps and went back to the Doctor on Tuesday. He sent me for a snogram of pelvis and abdomen (I went yesterday right after seeign him). He would like me to see a gynecologist and is requestion an appointment with an Oncologist. Now I am just waiting and trying to get my energy back. I often have changes in body tempature. Meaning fine one minute and then hot and sweaty the next. Also my ankle has begun to swell and last night was hot to the touch. 


Any thoughts or words of advice? Trying to stay positive but soemthign does not feel right. I hate not having the strength to do the things I enjoy.

Thank you, 


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Hi Kristen,

I see that you have a hard time of suffering and anxiety.

The only thing you can do is let the doctors examine you fully to decide what your trouble is.

During the time you wait for the doctors' message, take it it easy, rest when you need it and try to be calm.


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Your symptoms could undoubtedly be a lot of things. Fatigue is one of the commonest medical complaints in the US, and has dozens of causes.  That being said, however, large nodes that will not go away with antibiotics are not to be ignored.  Your family doc should do blood panels if you do not get to an oncologist before too long. Most internal med guys have very little familiarity with cancer, though.  

You must make YOU a priority. A doctor might see 20 or more patients daily.  "I'm not sure" is never acceptable or adequate as a medical opinion. Keep demanding answers until someone IS "sure" what the problem is.


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I agree your having fear and really nervous but maybe getting "distracted" till you get a proper and solid answer might help. Do the things that help you relax. Focus on the moment. Not something that is not happened yet.



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