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Recently Diagnosed

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Hi everyone,


I'm brand new to this board. I'm 33yrs old and a Mom to a 3yr old and 2month old currently recovering from a complete radical nephrectomy of my right kidney. I was diagnosed with Stage I T1b. I was told I'm completely cancer free now that the 5.5cm tumor has been removed. I simply need to follow up every 6 months for my CT scan, blood work and chest x-ray. I'm very confident in my medical team, but nervous being so young that this is going to continue to be a problem as I watch my child grow up. I'd love to hear your experiences and how long you've been cancer free. Or if it something did pop up how long after you were first diagnosed.


Thanks and I'm so happy I found a place where I can talk to people that understand. My family is amazing, but I hate to burden them with my anxiety/fears.

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I'm 38 with pretty much the same as you 


My tumour was 8CM

And I'm doing great... And God healed my body I know it!

Just live life and thank God it wasn't worst! Don't live in fear but don't miss your scans... 



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Welcome to the club which nobody in their right mind would volunteer to join.

Starting early in life I am sure is no fun. My journey started at age 59. I am 71 now. Faye across the street started at 64. She is 82 or 83 now and cares for her partially dsabled husband.

You will surely outlive most of us and maybe set a record for years of survival. A good goal for you would be 55 more years.



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I do try to focus on all the postivies in life. My cancer free diagnosis post op and my two gorgeous kiddos. I appreciate the welcome to the group. I am so happy to have found you all. Happy to hear you all are living happy, positive lives.

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I am so sorry to hear you have had to deal with this at such a young age, but very glad to hear that the cancer was caught in time and at such a low grade and stage. I hope you are recovering well and getting plenty of help with your two little ones. The temptation to lift them must be so great for you! I expect you know to be wary because of the risk of herniation so take care, unfortunately I developed one from not being careful enough.

With regards to reoccurrence there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to cancer. No one can ever regard themselves as cured, can we remain cancer free yes we can. I had my first cancer of the kidney in 2003, I had an ablation and remained cancer free for 10years,I had a reoccurrence last year unfortunately. However! there are many others who remain clear for the rest of there lives. Is it probable that you will have a reoccurence absolutely NOT, it is just a possibility, although for you the risk is small.You definitely cannot afford to waste precious years of your life worrying about the what ifs though. Just put this behind you and enjoy your life, you have been given a second chance don't waste it. Keep up with your scans and take care to boost your immune system and keep your stress levels down and I am sure you will do just fine:)

I love your picture, you have two beautiful children, they will soon have you run ragged, you won't have the time to worry about cancer!

Heal well:)


Djinnie x


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But sorry you are here 8-(

I am a tad older than you (53 - soon to be 54) had an open partial this past March.  Same size tumor as you, only a T1b2.  Since then have done 3 trathlons, many 5ks and an extreme cross country race.  My 6 month scans proved clear and I am feeling fine, romping with my Lab.  and chasing my 2.5 year old granddaughter all over 8-)

Like Iceman and the rest have proven - we all have a long happy life head of us!  You will be there for your beautiful children and their children. And this board/site will be here for you!



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