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Terrifying Moment

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Ok I had to get on here and tell those who could actually relate to the terrifying moment that just happened. Last week I had my scan and after meeting with the onc was given great news. Two years in remission. So of course im ecstatic and thrilled. Days pass and I recieve a letter in the mail from the hospital giving me my next appointement date which is my scan in six months. Nothing out of the ordinary but I just happened to flip the next page and it has my medical history labeled. All is normal...listed as mass in neck, diffuse large cell lymphoma, all of which has been listed since the on set. HOWEVER newly listed was Burkits Like Lymphoma with tumor involvement!!! I freaked out. It was as if I had just been told I had cancer all over again. I immediately called the onc office and he was out of the office. I think the nurse realized really quick that I expected an answer instantly and would not settle for anything else. She asked if she could call me back as she called the onc. I agreed and while waiting was flooded with so many emotions and thoghts of sadness and dismay. Anxiously I wait only fearing the worst. She calls me back with sincere apologies and explains that the Tech Nurse must have incorrectly clicked on that diagnosis when preparing my appointment reminder!!! I was of course relieved however that soon left and was replaced with anger. Obviously I am grateful for the remission but it just goes to show that at times these dr and nurses can get so caught up that they fail to realize that they are dealing with real people who live real lives. And I am not asking for someone to be perfect, but this was a very cruel oversight. I have finally calmed down but I needed to talk those who can understand my frustrations

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That is a terrible thing to happen.   In my opinion the medical folk are in too much of a hurry.  I am happy it turned out ok for you.

I had a scare last year.  My oncologist poked my upper abdomen and told me that my organs were out of line, i.e., pushed upward, as I recall.  Anyway,  I was sent for either a CT-Scan or a PT-Scan, and when I saw him a WEEK later, he told me everything was fine.  I should have called him during that scary week's wait.  I still wonder why he did not call me.


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Hi coachmike,

I understand your feelings. This mistake gave you a tough time for a while. At such moments it is hard to be indulgent and think that all people can make mistakes. But anyway it was false alarm and you are luckily in remission.


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What a terrible mistake!  Thankfully that's what it was and you can relax.  People make mistakes and the medical community is no exception.  That's why they hav so many checks and balances in hospitals and clinics.  We've all heard horror stories where they operated on the wrong person or performed surgery on the wrong side/area of a patient.  Misdiagnosis also happen.

I'm so glad this was a human error for you and I would have been terrified also. 

Thank goodness for you,


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Talk about a false alarm.....ouch!  So glad things turned out okay but maybe they need to check to see if you have any adrenalin left in your body Laughing.


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Wow! Not cool!

Crap happened to me twice so i understand. Firstly my cancer referral came with a breast cancer cover letter, which receptionist only called me to apologize for the day it arrived! Secondly, after my biopsy the specialist sent a letter to my doctor informing him of my diagnosos and instead of HL, the letter stated NHL. I ran into the bathroom and burst into tears! Was a Saturday so i didnt get that clarified for 2 days. So not cool!

Happy to hear that ur in remission though :-)

Huge Congrats!



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