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Mom has Stage 4 NSCLC with mets to the brain

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Hi everyone, I am new here.


My mom, aged 72, was diagnosed in August with Stage IV NSCLC with mets to the brain.  She had both knees replaced in June and we are all so suprised that nothing came back on any of her tests about the cancer.


Mom just finished her radiation to the brain (Mon - Fri for 2 weeks).  She has had two weeks of chemo (we will follow a 2 week on, 2 week off regiment for 5 months) and is still undergoing radiation for her lungs.  


The radiation doc just gave her a prescription for Magic Mouthwash. She is vomitting, but it is all mucus from her lungs. She barely eats and she is always tired.  It breaks my heart to see her like this, I have never seen my mother sick a day in her life, now she is suffering through this.  

I am hoping that there are survivor stories out there to give us some hope.  We pray every day that the treatments are working, but right now it is a waiting game.

Thank you.

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There is hope. I'm living proof.

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Thank you Rdn2blazer!

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It may help to read it.

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Also a stage four survivor, 4 years here.  Was given ten-15 months with treatment, so I'm really really late for my own funeral.  My mom always said I would be.   (Tumor humor).  The biggest obstacles seems to be blood clots and dehydration.  Learn to watch those and anything unusual should be reported.  We are here to help each other.  Always ask!

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We're on the same boat, Renee. My dad complained of right leg pain and we were shocked with his cancer diagnosis. He just finished his 1st cycle of chemo and oncologist said it responded well. It metastasized to the braIn though so he needs to do a 2 1/2 weeks of radiation.

It saddens me too to see my dad so weak since he's never been sick in his life. He barely eats and he's finding it hard to speak. We were assured that this is temporary though. 

You can contact me anytime...I know exactly what you're going through. After work, I visit him in the hospital and stays there for at least 2-4 hours.

keep the faith!!!



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