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Near faint 18 days post op?

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Hello everyone, I am now 18 days after my laparoscopic radical nephrectomy and recovery is going quite well. Pain is less and less present and I am now on Tylenol only painkiller diet. 

My only complaint is every time I stand up from sitting or lying, I experience a near-faint or black-out. I have to hold on to something or sit back not to fall. Every time I take my blood pressure, it is normal near 120/80.

Did any of you experienced something like this couple of weeks after surgery? 

Thanks again for your answers!


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Is it possible your blood pressure cuff is off? I know my mother in law has a tough time with hers sometimes. It just sounds so much like a blood pressure issue, I'd be inclined to get it checked out to make sure, I know our local pharmacys have places you can go. I think it can take some time for blood pressure to regulate after a nephrecotomy. 

Have a good evening.

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Also make sure that you're not anemic and/or iron deficient. A simple blood test could rule that out.

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Dave, I did not have any of the symptoms you describe.  I suggest going to your family doctor to get it checked out. 

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But I was/am on BP meds. The Dr.s simply lowered my dosage.  Antoher cause could be dehydrated?


Anyway, hoping you're feeling better now!



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I have had that problem where each time I stood up and I got very dizzy and in some cases passed out or just fell. At first they thought it was due to the drugs I was taking for the Clinical Trial that  I am in and then they thought it may be due to the fact that I was coming off of steriods. In the end it was my Adrenal Gland that was no longer working. It was easy to determine via a blood test. Unfortunatley for me one adrenal gland was surgically removed and the second was "fried" as a side effect of the trail so I am now on meds for the rest of my lfe but once on the meds things got much better. Hope this helps.



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Hi Dave,

 I'll mention a couple of possibilities based on my experience.  I went through aa period where I had several episodes of passing out.  Tests showed nothing, but the theory was that I was dehydrated.  I have a bad habit (and still do) of not drinking enough water.

Another possibility is something called orthostatic hypotension.  Some people will have a sudden drop in blood pressure when they stand and it sometimes causes them to faint.  My nephrologist used to check me for this regularly by taking my blood pressure as normal sitting in the chair, then have me stand and immediately check my BP again to see if there was a sudden drop.  The kidney has a lot to do with BP and your kidney is in a state of shock right now and it may take time to level out.  Mine did.

I hope they get to the bottom of it soon.


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Thank you all for your responses. I see my Dr next week, will let him know about this and explore every possibilities mentioned here. I'll also drink more water, I may not be drinking enough as I am not a big fan of water...I'll have to become one I guess.

Thanks again.




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