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Brenda Bricco
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My husbabd is getting ready to have SBRT in the next couple weeks... I'm just wondering if there is anyone who has had this treatment and how it went.



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I have also been having recurrent liver mets since two resections and several ablation a in the past two years.

the recurrence is almost every two months after the previous treatment ( resection / ablation)

so far I have had two liver resections and had ablation done three times . 

again after two months from the last ablation my cancer markers have increased - 

as per previous experience this indicates another set of liver mets - which I think may show up on the scans ! 

Also, such fast and aggressive recurrences in liver is astonishing even to the drs.

is SBRT the way to go now ? 

Any advise shall help.


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I dont know if SBRT is better than RFA. They are both for local control. Surgery is still supposed to be the "gold standard". But as you an I both know multiple liver surgeries havent cured either of us sdp.

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I had sbrt on a lymph node and a small liver met.  It was a non event.  The radiation onc said 10% chance it would come back in the same spot....and if it did they would just nuke it again.....It's for local control, so since I'm stage IV...90% chance it will come back somewhere else.  The treatment was a breeze...zero recovery time.

I am 4 1/2 years out from Stage IV.  I had my first recurrence at 36 months (surgery)  and 2nd recurrence at 50 months (SBRT).  I've been off chemo for 3 years.  Next scan is in Nov.

Good luck to you.

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