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Negligible rise in psa 7 months post surgery

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Age 59. feb 6,2014 surgery. Davinci Robotic. Geason 3+4. Stage pT2, pN0. My 1st follow up psa March 20 <0.02; June 20, psa 0.02; September 18 psa 0.06. my concern is the obvious rise in psa. Although significantly below .2 warning level. Any thoughts on this increase and or recomendations. Thank you. Rob

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I know its hard to not worry. Jus tkeep as watch on it. I'm five years post Davinci and had Radiation when my PSA hit .3 So my recomendation is to just keep watch on it.


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I went a different course than Lewino. Ten months post surg my PSA rose just slightly but still very, very low. My doctor jumped on it immediately, with what most would consider over treatment (not me), as I was a 4+4 Gleason Stage 3B post surg. IMRT and HT treatment progressed immediately with two years of HT. I am now 5 1/2 years out and with ultrasensitive PSA tests I have all zeros---undetectable...Now, do you think I argue with overtreatment? Heck no. With my numbers, you can bet I am one happy camper right now. The biggest PSA test was the one six months after going off HT and that zero was so big. Each following one is too, but I do know my body will respond to HT therapy if there is any return. Considering I was given a probablility of 6-8 years back in 2009, you will get no arguments from me about hitting it aggressively.

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You may want to remove 'negligible' from the title of your post since it gives an erroneous impression of your post at first sight. Perhaps 'small' would be better?

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