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I had my surgery yesterday and it went well. The surgeon only had to go in laproscopicly to get a biopsy from the two spots that were left after the summer dheom camp. He said the only reason he could do this was because he had help from another surgeon that is a specialist with using ultrasound. I'm not in too much pain today and my dad flew in from Hawaii to take care of me as my wife is a school teacher and can't miss too much work. She did go up with me yesterday and was awesome support. I'll probably be limited to laying around for a few days. Can't drive or lift more than 10 pounds for two weeks. Should get the biopsy results back in a week. Most of the fish I catch are under 10 pounds so fishing could still work! I pulled the red popcicle trcik on my dr. As he came to see me before I left, I saw him coming down the hall and put the popcicle I was eating to look like it was protruding from my stomach and asked if the bloody protrusion was normal. Got to keep him on his feet.His eyes were huge when he first saw it.

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Hi Jeff,

 That was too funny with the popcicle joke! Glad to hear things went well with your surgery...now rest and heal. I'd invite you to fish with us...but the guys have been catching King salmon all week in the 25 to 40 pound range! Too heavy for younright now.I'm going next week and can't wait to get mine! Take care and stay happy! Let us know the biopsy result when you get it.

Best wishes...Sue

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Glad you still have a sense of humor, that's hilarious LaughingLaughing, keep those docs on their toes.  It is so good hear from you Sue.  I figured you were taking a little break.  Thanks for checking in, but no apologies needed.  Fishing sounds awesome, we're thinking of heading up to Brookings in a couple weeks (Harris Beach St Park).  I can taste the samon and Bill can taste the oysters!

Thinking of you both, Becky

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Thanks for the update. 

Sounds like you are gonna mend just fine.

Remember to always keep your sense of humor. 

Well wishes for you.


All this talk about fishing I'm just gonna have to get the dust off my fishing pole.




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Agree with everyone else and keep that sense of humor - loved the popcicle joke :).  When I had my double bone marrow biopsy I was sooo tempted to screan "I can't feel my legs!" when the PA finished the procedure :).

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bahahaha, love your sense of humor and approach. i have full faith your going to come out great once this is all done Smile

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That's so funny Jeff! I'm glad cancer and all its side effects didn't kill your sense of humor. Keep us updated, please.

Best regards. :)



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