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Wish me luck!

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Hey everybody, my liver resection surgery has been set for September 23.  The GI oncology center at UCSF does 5-10 liver resections a week, sadly we're not alone. I have a 1.6 cm tumor in lobe 7. The surgeon is very optimistic and thinks he might even be able to do it laporoscopically. I told him whatever size incision he needs to make to remove all of it with good margins and to get a good view of the rest of my liver is ok with me. This is my best shot at a cure, one of the docs used that word and it was music to my ears! Sooo fingers crossed again for the umpteenth time. I feel strong, I know I can do this, let's hope this is what I need to knock the cancer out, that's my hope for all of us, NED for a long, long, time!

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Hope you have a nice early slot in the morning. I like early surgeries; get them over and done with. 

I will send a pray upward, for both you and your surgeon. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Hi.....just thought I would send all best wishes for yur resection....on a Laughing note....I have had two....and have been NED for 5 years.....I did oxalyplatin after the last resection.  Like you I am a very big fan of surgery and I soooo hope this will work for you too.....ps my incisions are huge but I wouldn't trade.....

very best hugs to you, mags


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It sounds like you are in really good hands, and I can guarantee you that surgeons don't throw the "cure" word around lightly.

I think you'll be back to your art in no time!

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I'm happy you're scheduled. I will keep you in my prayers. I'm positive you'll have a good outcome. 


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Prayers for steady hands and steady heart! Hopefully this will be the last piece of the NED puzzle for you!


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Sending you positive vibes.  I had a similar surgery in August of 2012.  I had a 1.5 cm met insection seven as well.  I had an open surgery, but it went well and haven't had liver issues since. 

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Wishing you well, blessings and swinging poultry. My hope is that all will go well and your recovery will be painfree and smooth.


Fight for my love
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Best luck with it and a speedy recovery! God bless you.

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Nana b
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ditto, ditto, ditto. Good luck and get well. Don't rush it...

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Prayers being said for a successful surgery and for the doctors and assistants to surgically remove all cancer so that you may become completely cancer free.  I'm with you about the size of the scar - it's like just open me up and get it all out and no matter what it takes to get it just do it.  So you will be in special thought and prayer for a successful outcome and a fast recovery.


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That's great news that you are getting the surgery and so soon. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you for a successful procedure! Get rid of that cancer and stay NED!!!!


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