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New member [Scared] Cathy Laubscher, South Africa

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My name is Cathy Laubscher and i have joined this forum so as to learn more and also to get advice and feedback. We are from South Africa and lives in Johannesburg [Gauteng].

My daughter, Cherise Laubscher, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma about 3 weeks ago. She is only 22 years old and is a full time University student majoring in Criminology.

Her doctor put her on a 14 day cource of medication to try bring her white blood count up and was hoping the lumps would clear up. her cource is complete and her lumps are still there. The doctor notified that next step is to cut. we are very, very scared can you please give us advice as this is the first stages after diagnosis and we new to this




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Cathy, if by "cutting" you mean a biopsy then that is the logical next step. Biopsy can usually definitively tell whether or not it is Lymphoma and if it is it can provide valuable details to aid in selecting the best and most effective treatment. Max is a lay expert on Hodgkins and will hopefully comment. May I ask how the doctor determined it may be hodgkins instead of some other form of lymphoma?

Take comfort in knowing that lymphoma is the most easily treatable of cancers.

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Yes a lymph node biopsy will give drs more "stuff" to test for results.  There is such a thing called a needle aspiration which a needle is stuck in the lymph node and cells are sucked up with air to examine. They don't get as much "stuff" to look at though so a biopsy is better. They put me under for mine and it really wasn't that bad. Mine was under my armpit and I was an outpatient for that - went home that day.

I had a pre-condition called Sjogrens which I knew would elevate my risk to get NHL somewhat and I got it 10 yrs later after being diagnosed. But my oncologist told me it was an aggressive type but the best to respond to treatment.  I had just 6 rounds of R-Chop and methotrexate shots.  I am now 2 years in remission here in Iowa, USA.


Good luck on the test. Keep up posted.

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