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Anyone have a cyst? removed from the vaginal wall?

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Went in for my 4 year check up and saw what they thought was a cyst right inside the vaginal opening. They removed it and sent it to be checked and I have to wait a week to find out the results. It was about the size of a pea and when she removed it there was fluid inside. She also noticed a mole on the labia that I didn't know was there which they might remove also depending on what the cyst resilts are. I am not in the habit f viewing that area so who knows show long it has been there. Anyone ever have a mole down there?  Waiting gives the mind all kids of scenerios to invent. I hate that part. I am also swollen and very sore down there since the deading agent wore off and still spotting a bit. Any advise or help would be appreciated to put my mind at rest. I have UPSC stage 1 grade 3 cancer.

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I am sorry, I can't say I have had this and I doubt I can offer any help but maybe one of the other ladies can help.  I would suggest you take a breath.  You can't do anything until you get the results, and yes, waiting is the hardest part.  Try to relax and doing something special for yourself.  You favorite dinner, snack, restaurant, etc...

Please let us know when you find out and I pray for your peace.

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Cant be of much help to you Michaelynn but I wanted to respond.   I didn't have a cyst, but I get these soft tissue masses.  I had one around the rectum area.   This occured about 4 years after my hysterectomy and treatment (Grade 2, Stage 3a endometrial adenocarinoma).   I had it biopsied and it was positive and then had it removed - it ended up being negative.   I also have a mole but it is between my butt cheeks and it sticks out.   Had it there for a long time.

Hoping for negative results for you.



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Hi, when I was checking myself during chemo. (after my hair had fallen out), and saw a dark spot on my labia.  I told the ARNP and she checked it and said that she thought it was probably always there, it was just hidden.  Birthmark perhaps?

Then, about three or four weeks ago, I was in the shower and while using a washcloth and when I rubbed on the inside of the left labia and felt a lump or bump.  I couldn't find it when I sat down or laid down and I had notified my cancer center and they thought it might be a cyst and to notifiy my regular ob/gyn.  I made the appointment and it would be two weeks.  Well, by then, it reduced itself to about a pea size and I can only find it is when I have all my weight on that side and I rub it with my washcloth.  Can't feel it hardly any other way.  So, I cancelled the appointment because I didn't think she was gonna be able to feel it and what's more weird is, that it moves as I move over it.    Should I still have it checked out and hope that she finds it? 

Don't freak out.  Stay positive.  Keep us posted.  P.S.  I had Rad. hysterectomy in July, 2013 and chemo. from Aug. 2013 to Jan. 2, 2014.

Will be interested to hear if any other women have had your situation or mine. 

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When I was young and newly married, I had several abscessed bartholin gland cysts.  The bartholin glands secrete mucous that lubricates the vagina during intercourse.  They are at the opening to the vagina and can easily get infected.  I had mine incised and drained of pus.  An antibiotic tape was inserted into the gland to try to cure the infection.  It hurt a lot, and then it had to be pulled out a day or two later which hurt again.  The cysts kept coming back and got large, swelling into the labia.  They got so hard, it was hard to sit on them.  Finally, after incising and draining them a couple of times, the doctor marsupialized one so it could no longer get infected.  Basically what that means is that he slit the small opening into the gland open and then folded the tissue on either side over in a flap and sutured it down so it could no longer close up and get infected again. This solved the problem.  The one on the other side went away without the marsupialization procedure.  It had nothing to do with cancer.  It's quite possible this is what you had, as the location fits.  The fluid they took out might be from an abscess. I don't recall having any bleeding afterwards, but everyone is different, or it could be that they didn't stitch the spot so it closed tightly enough.  Even though it's painful, this is much less worrisome than cancer.  Good luck to you with it.

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