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9th Anniversary

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Hello All:

Just wanted to say that it was 9 years ago that I went for a "routine" hysterectomy and found out that I had cancer.   Grade 2, Stage 3a.    I went through treatment and have had some ups and downs and some surgeries since then but other than that still NED at the momemt or at least what I have is currently contained.

Celebrating with you all!   Hugs!


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Hi, Kathy,

I am dancing with you!  I look forward to hearing you announce your 10th year anniversity and so forth through the years. If I was in Pennsylvania, I'd suggest we go out and celebrate!


Hugs to you!


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I wish you were too, Cathy.   We would defintely go out to celebrate.   Anyway, it is my middle son's birthday tomorrow so we will be celebrating anyway.  He turns 22.


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Congratulations!!!  Do something special for yourself.

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We went out and shopped around today and enjoyed the nice weather!

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It happened to Me
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It is SO wonderful to hear the great news and to know that you've beat this thing.  What an inspiration to all of us.  So glad you celebrated.  I will be excited when I hit the one year mark from chemo.  I hit the one year mark from my hysterectomy, now am looking forward to Jan. 2, 2015.    So happy you have shared with us your story and your wisdom through these posts.


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I'm doing the happy dance for you!  May you dance with NED forever!


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Congratulations and wishing you many more years of health and happiness.

Please continue to be a roll model for all of us!

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Wow, I didn't think anyone on this site had survived for that long.  That's truly amazing.  Keep up the good fight.  I once knew someone who went for a breast reduction surgery and the routine biopsy required by law after that surgery found breast cancer.  It was a good thing that woman wasn't happy with her self image and her back pain from carrying around her heavy breasts.  Sometimes our body talks to us in odd ways, and we just have to be paying attention, whether subconsciously or not.  Glad you did.  Hope you went out to celebrate!

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A major CONGRATULATIONS to you Kathy! I'm so happy for you!!  Enjoy!

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Congratulations Kathy!! Your story is such an inspiration to me and it is very encouraging to me to hear about others who have survived.


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Thank you all for celebrating with me!    Everyone here means so much to me.   You have always been there to hear me rant, comfort my concerns and worries, offer advice and understanding, and now I am glad you are also here for celebrating too!    I am so happy to celebrate with you all.   Your kindness, thoughts, caring, comfort, advice and information is a great blessing to me.   I treasure all of the friendships I have made through this site.

So now that all that is said.................Lets Dance!

My best to you all,



P.S.   Just for Laughs:    I thinks its kind of weird that one of the fonts on these posts is called "terminal".   

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Thank you, Kathy, for inspiring us all to dance with you! I agree- the ladies here are wonderfully caring.  Now that you've pointed it out,  I refuse to use the "terminal " font!  LOL


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Nine years is definitely something to Celebrate.  may your dance with NED continue for many more years.

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thank you for posting that. it gives all of us a reason to hope and celebrate with you.

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Woo-Hoo!! What great news!! Thanks for sharing with us!! 

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Hi Kathy:


   That is such wonderful news that you just celebrated your 9 year anniversary and I hope you have many, many more years of remaining NED.





a/k/a Jane

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Thanks again for all the congrats!


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Here's one more from me,  Kathy.

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Thank you Connie!

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Wonderful news Kathy!   Thank you for sharing your journey, it has meant a lot to me!   Thank you for making my day!!!!!Laughing

Debra Lagrone
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Sorry for not responding sooner, but congratulations, I hope to be there one day!!


Have a wonderful day!!


Debra L

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