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Jucing, advice and recipes

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So, I thought I would give juicing a go. I started by purchasing some different kinds of bottled juice at the store, being careful to look at the ingredients. I find that certain ones make me head to the bathroom rather often (or more rather often, as I already head there allot).  But it also proved to me that I like juices with vegetables, having only ever had them made with fruit. 

So, I have pulled out my Breville Juicer and when I get back from England, I will start juicing. 

What advice do those of you who juice, have for me, the beginner?

- Do I get into it gradually?

- Do I start with one vegetable and see how my body handles it?

- Is there a good vegetable combintation to start off with? 

Thanking you in anticipation.

Sue - Trubrit


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I juiced for about 8 years twice a day and although I had to go to the bathroom a lot, I could handle. After my recent stomach problems which BTW seemed to have resolved on its own I stopped juicing. At the time my stomach would get upset the minute I started drinking it. When I stopped I was juicing kale, celery, ginger, wheatgrass. pretty brutal stuff. In the past I had juiced more standard tastey stuff like carrots and apples.

I do still juice or squeeze a combination of oranges and lemons in the morning. Sometimes it upsets my stomach, sometimes it doesn't.

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I have started juicing apples and carrots and it tastes really good. I am going to add celery.  Beets are really good for you, but they are messy to juice.

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Nana b
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Good to hear. Try to juice one major green organic vegetable so your body has a change and doesn't get used to it 


I juice kale, collards greens, bok choy, spinach, dandelions, rhubarb, cabbage, broccoli


to this add


2 carrotts

2 celery sIcks


1/2 apple granny 

romain lettuce 


occasionally, I add





wheat grass

 The apple and carrotts give it sweetness.  It's best to juice first thing in am. I'm starting to add bentonite clay  but doing that at bedtime. No eating 2 hours before, or after. I would like to juice several times a day. 

I have my lunch in a smoothie of 3-4 berries, 1/2 apple, fresh or frozen  banana. Kiwi  You can use frozen berries. Try to get organic always. You don't want pesticides going straight to your blood stream. 

i just juiced a watermelon with the rind and it was really good. I read that oranges without the peel, but with the white still attached makes a great smoothie. 


Juicing is according to taste. On Pinterest there are quite a bit of recipes. 


You can subscribe to



I'm reading the Gerson, Healing The Gerson Way. 


Try a cup of juice to start and try to get to two cups.    

Enjoy your trip! 

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