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My Mother Has Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Good Morning, 

I have recently come across this website while looking for forums on this topic. She was diagnosed August 21st, 2014. Before being diagnosed, she went through 2 horrible months of pain, and multiple ER trips, only to be told she had a severe case of pneumonia. After months of suffering, they must have ran the right blood work because within 30 minutes they had called saying her calcuim levels were severly high and she needed to be admitted. They then found a mass above her left lung, and it had spread to her liver and into her bones in her hips, pelvis, and shoulder. 


She has done 2 rounds of chemo which were Etoposide and Carboplatin and is in the process of doing her radiation, 5 of 20 rounds I believe. Her platelets have been very, very low which the doctors said is to be expected. She has had to receive platelets, plazma, and blood transfusions almost daily. As of this week, it is the best she has been since this whole ordeal has started. Everything seems to be working. I do believe that the chemo/pain meds she was taking made her hallucinate, which I've read is pretty common. It was probably the scariest part of this whole thing. My mom is 5 foot tall, maybe 110lbs. So to see her dwindle down to maybe 85lbs and unable to function was the worst. We are just looking for support and encoragement from people that are going through similar things. 


Thank you!

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