MY ONCOLOGIST LEFT THE CANCER CENTER AS OF SEPTEMBER 1.   He told me in advance and said he would call me.  Got a letter from the head of his small group, saying that he was leaving for an exciting opportunity.  Today his secretary called canceling my next appointment with him, and telling me that he is taking tiime off to be with hlis family.  (sounds like many politicians)

I am not worried about finding another doctor in that center, but I have had this doctor for 2 1/2 years, and liked him and felt at ease.   So, it is quite upsetting.

Anybody else had this problem?



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    Hi Nancy, 
    I understand . I'm

    Hi Nancy, 

    I understand . I'm sure that can be very difficult when you have a trust in your oncologist and then he is no longer there.

    I have a primary who has been for 16 yrs.He has been threw so much with me. When I had my car accident in the beginning of this year , I called for my follow up when I got released from hospital and not only was I scheduled with his partner (not to fond of ) he wasn't available so then I got scheduled with a new dr. In the office.  My Dr. Only comes in on Mondays and he is going to have to retire because of his health. He's 68 yrs old with a severe back problem.Sharp as a tack tho.So I can't get an appointment on a Monday for the life of me. I miss him alot especially with all the serious medical issues I've been having this year. 

    So yes Nancy I am so sorry that has happened to you. I know it totally is a bummer. 

    I pray and wish for you to get a great Oncologist again and you will be happy and comfortable with the new dr. that your disappointment will be a thing of the past.

    Best wishes & hugs 




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    My oncologist and her husband  who performed surgery on me both left to go back to Chicago.  I think she wanted to be closer to family and missed the culture, etc. there.  It was sad because I really liked and trusted her and she was well liked by her colleagues.  She was very approachable and easy to talk with and not just about medical stuff.  We had conversations about her kids, how difficult it must be to lose patients, etc.  She was obviously sharp and a likeable person and not afraid to hug her patients.  She was also a professor at the medical school.  But such is life.  I like my current oncologist but he's probably a little more "old school".  He's very busy and is also a professor there.  I like him but he is different from her :).

    Such is life.  I hope your new oncologist will be better than the one before and you feel at ease with him/her quickly.