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C.T. shows white spots

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A quick recap...partial nephrectomy Nov 7 2012.  Have experience memory issues, cognitive issues, head aches/migranes since Feb 2012.  My post op folliw-ups with urologist have been NED...but he only orders blood work and ultra sound of abdominal area. 

Gp sent me for CT scan last October re my complaints.  Was told everything was normal.   I continue to have difficulty so went back to gp.  He referred me to neurologist.  Neurologist did full workup and pull results of CT from last October.   She said there were several white spots and that a follow-up MRI should gave been ordered to rule out metastatis to brain.  So waiting for MRI and being treated for migraines.

Wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone?  Any thoughts or advice?

Wishing everyone a good day.

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While I am not a doctot  RCC mets to the brain from a 2 cm tumor (per your bio) is highly unlikely. I hope these other issues are resolved favorably for you.



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Sorry for what you are going through, it must be scary waiting and wondering.

But if I remember correctly, if you are having migraines they also can show "white spots" or lesions as a result. It may be that and not mets.

Anyway, let us know how you are doing and what you learn ok?

Warmly, Jan

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I am no doctor either... but you are talking about 1.5 years... I would think if those were Mets, you would not need a doctor to tell you there is an issue.

Good Luck with what ever it is..


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Migraines can cause white matter lesions, also called white matter hyperintensities, to form on the brain. White matter is the whitish part of the brain that is made up of cells called axons. Axons facilitate nerve communication. In most cases, according to research, the migraine-related lesions do not cause serious problems.

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I have a friend who has MS and she has white lesions on her brain. You would not know that anything was wrong with her otherwise. 

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