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We are near the end of our journey

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I don't post often but have been on this site for almost the entire seven years my husband has been fighting this horrible disease. After two months of home hospice I had to move my sweet husband of 27 years to the hospital. We could not keep him comfortable or deal with nausea/vomiting at home. I am by his side. He is on a morphine drip and looks so peaceful. Please keep us in your prayers.   I have benefited over the years from this site so much. Thanks everyone. 
Trapbear (Bill)


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I will pray for you both. I had no idea of your husbands condidtion going downhill. I am sorry to hear this.

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Hi Bill, I'm sorry for the pain that you're going through, my prayers and thoughts are with you both today.  Helen

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Sorry for your pain and the pain of your husband.  

Prayers of comfort and peace for the both of you.


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...find peace. Sending loving thoughts your way.

Warm Regards,


Cathleen Mary
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Prayers for you and your dear husband. You are carried in my heart as you make this final journey with him.


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I am so sorry to hear that your dear husband is passing. When it gets to this stage, I pray that he is blessed to slip away. May the morphine keep him comfortable. 

And God's blessing be with you. May you find peace in the months to come. 

Sue - Trubrit

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I've followed your journey and I'm sorry that it has come to this.  You will be in my prayers.  Sorry that he is going through all of this and I'm hoping that the hospital can help him.


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Praying for an easy transition for your husband.


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Nana b
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So sorry.  This dreadful disease, has taken way too many. 


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For peace. I'm so sorry you're going through all these complications. I can feel your connection and love. Please find solace in knowing that you unselfishly making decision for his best interest. Lots of cyber hugs and prayers. I'm pretty busy right now with my chemo pack on. Praying, hugging, swinging chickens for lady Skye. I figure everyone's problems should be just a little better because of all the angels on this board. 


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Sending love to both of you.



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I wish him peace. It has been a long battle for both of you.

You're in my prayers.


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Sending you cyber hugs and love at this most difficult time.   No words can take away the pain of your broken heart.  May you find some comfort in knowing that you did everything you possibly could as a caregiver. You will now face some of the most difficult days of your life when your love is suddenly gone and you are powerless to stop it.  Please know that people you have never met do care so very much.

Hugs - Tina

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