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New to group/Not new to cancer, 2nd x around.

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I was diagnosed a week ago with non - hodgkins lymphoma. 1st to 2nd stage. I had non- hodgkins lymphoma 3rd stage in 2010.Went threw 2 yrs of Rituxin infusion in . After 2 yrs I was told I had no cancer activity.  Fast forward to last week....it's back.

I still don't know what plan of attack will be done till I see my Onc. on the 4th. I'm more scared of the watch and wait. I had a bad car accident in the beginning of the year and I was life flighted to a level 1 trauma center with a closed head injury. My life was shifted upside down and recovery has been horrible. I am finally seeing some hope and went in for a MRI for my head. A mass was found in my retrophyrangeal area. It's non operable. I fell apart , I lashed out at my friends and family. I was mean and ugly for 2 days.I called my daughter and asked for her to come over and that I was out of control.  She came over, wrapped her arm around me and I cried for a long time. Then all of a sudden I got up the next morning and was ready to fight back. I found my hope again. My world has been so full of stress and fear this last many months and then all of a sudden....Cancer Again.

Funny thing is. Im not scared now.I feel hopeful and I refuse to go down easy. But I also know I need support and I need to be supportive to others as well if at all possible. So I joined .

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Hi givingrace,

It is good that you have a daughter to support you. In your situation, family is very important. 

I have had non-Hodgkins primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL), and I have been free from it for 2 years now.

There is hope.

Take care!


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Hello Givingrace:


I also have non-Hodgkins Lymphoma which, according to a recent blood test is ok at the moment.  (B Cell, 4th stage).   Started around January of 2012.  I had two years of Rituxan infusions.  End of infusions November, 2013.   Next appointment with oncologist is October of this year.  Had a 6-hour cardiac surgery entailing replacement of mitral valve and aortic valve in January of this year.


You have had one terrible, stressful year.  I am glad to hear that you are not scared now and feel hopeful.  I also feel hopeful and don't dwell on stuff too much.    I understand your need for support.  I also need support.  My family  is not nearby and does not give much in the way of support.  They have not "walked in my shoes."  I know what you mean by the "watch and wait.'


You will find some wonderful, supportive people on this board.



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Hi givingrace and welcome to the group.  I'm so sorry you're having to go through this again and for the tough time you've had in the past year.  Please know you are not alone and there's a great group of people here. 

Good luck on the 4th and please feel free to come here and chat.





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Thanks everyone !

I don't know why I never really joined in on communication with the members of this board the last time I got diagnosed, but I already feel good about having support from ppl who really do understand. I am looking forward to not walking alone this time around. You all are such great ppl.


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Love the fishing picture. I can only imagine what a relapse would feel like. I go in tomorrow to see if my first battle with lymphoma is over.  It's ok to have a few days of bitterness.  The fact that you got over that and are now ready to beat the nhl shows your tough character. You will prevail! Jeff

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Thanks Jeff !

I never payed too much attention to a relaps so I was a bit shocked.  Once I started reading more I realize it's more common then I knew. But no matter it's treatable and I'm ok with that.

The lady's in my family don't go down easy , so this cancer will only be temporary till it gets booted out and removed from me. :)

I have too much life to explore  !

Best wishes your way for tomorrow. No matter what you have all you need for the future ahead.

I too have appointment to find out what plan of attack will be taken. Good luck .


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Hi GG,
Sorry for the late welcome, haven't logged in for a few days, sorry that you have to go through it again! I can only imagine what you're feeling. I'm actually a person that would react similar to your reaction :)
When I found out about my cancer I also cried for a few days but then afterwards I was so calm, we just have to let it out so we can concentrate on what's important (((life))) take care and sending you lots of positive vibes!!!


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