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Can it be leukemia? please need help..

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A friend of mine told me was diagnosed with acute leukemia around Easter. It's been 5 months now and from time to time I keep questioning if it's true. The facts that I know is that he has acute leukemia.He started treatment 3 days later (not chemo but other treatment because he has a problem with his enzyme and chemo was not suggested as the fist solution). He hasn't told me the name of his doctor. He was not hospitalized but went to hospital 4-5 days a week for about 1 month and a half till mid June. He told he had nausea, vomitting as side effects but continued to work and go out with his friends and drinking. The first round failed as he told me no improvement, no deterioration. And he was having a break from treatment since mid June (the new round is to start in a couple of weeks probably chemo) but told me that for one month till some time in August he went to hospital twice a week to get some drugs and clear the organism from the drugs of the treament so that he is prepared and clear for the new round. I've seen no symptoms, he looks totally healthy, especially the 2 months now that he is having a break. I have read so much about leukemia and I can't tell..Do all these make sense and is telling the truth?Or some things don't add up? Especially the non hospitalization and the fact that there are no visible symptoms after 5 months. I don't want to be neither oversuspicious nor naive and I sure can't confront him because I don't have any proof. Please help if you can. I think I'm getting insane by overthinking it and it's no good. Thanks for reading my thoughts. Hope you can help me.

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as for the symptoms, many symptoms may not be visible from the outside... for example, bleeding from low platelets won't necessarily be visible unless you are there when the massive bleed happens or your friend has petechia etc... anemia may be seen as paleness... I don't think I should judge anything without really knowing the full picture...

It sounds different from anything I know... but that doesn't need to mean he is lying... or that this isn't leukemia? 


I would ask if it is really Acute... does he have any specific information about bone marrow-s or cytology/genetic tests? 


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