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Low PSA with bone mets

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Anyone have or know of a person who had a single digit PSA and had prostate cancer with bone mets. Thanks

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The probability exists. There are more than 25 types of prostate cancer with some producing lesser or no serum at all.

Aggressive types usually produce lesser serum because its cells structure are too poorly defferentiated.



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My dad was diagnosed after a rising PSA to 8.9 and a Biopsy reported a Gleason 7......It was also confined to one lobe.
We were told this was all relatively low risk and bone scan and MRI ( Or possible CT???) were ordered just to rule out the less then 10% chance it had spread anywhere else
Three weeks later after visiting urologist yesterday we are no further ahead with a treatment as there was a suspicious area on his hip... MRI was fine ,
This seems so uncommon, he is only 50! I am praying/hoping/fingers crossed that this is some kind of mistake on the bone scan.... how can there be no lymph node involvement, such a "low" PSA and suddenly the cancer is on his hip,
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With this disease there is no way to tell the future by past events and no way to tell exactly what will happen in one case by comparing it to another.  Every case is novel in itself although there are parameters of expectation, but in the end nothing matters but what is happening to your father.  It may be best to just take every day as it happens not judging or trying to predict.  I have massive bone mets that have NO effect so far on my quality of life.  However, the treatment of no testosterone has had bad effect on quality of life.  I mention this only to show that even in very severe conditions, there is no sure way to tell what is going to happen.  Sure, certainly hope for the best, and that outcome may well happen.  I wish you the very best.  Take what comes on a moment to monent basis and celebrate it all, even if it is not what you want.  Love, Rakendra

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