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my dear wife

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my wife of 42 years passed august 2 2014 she had colan cancer stage 4 detected 2 years ago. we had no clue until a week before her death. we were camping in the mountains the friday before .  monday she had an appointment with the liver dr she was in such pain. they admitted her monday by friday she died in my arms . i was rubbing her head with my left hand and holding her cold right hand  with my right hand she left 2 shallow breaths, jerked and died at 2:38 am. at that moment i felt a heaviness in my heart. i looked at a shell and told my daughter that she was gone that wasnt her anymore. i was crying but almost from joy. it was as if she entered my heart and was relieving me.i still cry every day and i think i will forever. its ok. i loved her so much and miss her so. she was the best woman i have ever known. in all those years she never did me no wrong not once. she sits on my dresser and gets a kiss and prayer every night.i almost have a shrine there pictures, cards, crosses, memoriials that i put in the paper. god bless all of you that have this horrible disease and i hope and pray that you all be well.

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 I am sorry that you have lost your love. Thanks for dropping in and sharing your love and your grief . We do understand..Hugs Ron.

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This disease takes so many loved ones. 

I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad that you felt her spirit comforting you when she passed. What a calming experience that must have been.

Thank you for sharing your story, her story. 

Bless you as you face the future.


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I am so deeply sorry for your loss.  I am sending many prayers to you and your family.

Cathleen Mary
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I am so sorry that someone so precious to you has died.  She has indeed entered your heart after many years of being loved by you. Be assured of my prayers In these difficult days ahead.


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This disease takes so much from all of us. The strength I get I pull from my family and friends.  I was once told that I never walk alone. I carry the prayers and love with me. The greatest thing is that both you and your wife felt and knew the love of each other.  


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Nana b
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How sad to lose her so quickly. We understand your feelings. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for coming here and sharing your story. 


Stay Strong. 

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I wish you peace in your journey.

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My condolences!  I too share your pain.

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You and your wife are in my thoughts.  I ache for you in the road that you now must travel.  I also believe that your wife lives still, albeit in a different form, in your heart. So many people hold you close. 

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Bill I'll keep you in my prayers. Thanks for thinking of us. I hope you are able to keep that peace of her becoming a part of your heart.

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