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Low Iron

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My wife had Colon Rectal cancer 8 years ago. She has had all the scopes on time. The last one only had 1 polup in June of this year. Her family Dr ordered more blood test this week as a follow up to her regular check. The iron levels are really low. Is this a major cause for concern? some things I have read indicate that cancer may be back in some other form.

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I'm sorry no one has responded.  I'm not sure of your answer but I'm bumping this post in case it has been lost in the order of posts.  It's a Holiday weekend too so please know that you and wife are being thought of.  Iron levels I'm sure are not a concern but I've been told, and it happened with me, that D3 levels being low is a sign of concern.  I'm sure your wife is fine, but if doctor feels more tests are needed, then let it happen. 

Good luck and let us know how wife is feeling.  Kim

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I did not see this post either, and I'm usually carefull to note new posts. 

Welcome to the forum, Roundman.  Eight years free of the beast, sounds wonderful. 

I'm not too sure about the low Iron, though I do know that it is a fairly common occurance in people, as I have a few friends (not Cancer patients) who are taking supplimnets for it. 

I have not heard that it has any connection to Cancer other than Leukemia, of course. 

I'm sure their are others here who can answer your question more  than I can. 

Keep us posted on how your wife is doing. We're a great bunch of people, with allot to offer (usually). 


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Welcome.  I would be concerned and push for further tests ASAP.  As I understand it, low iron is one of the first flags that may indicate  colon cancer.  I would ask for a cea blood test if they haven't tested it.  try not to stress about it, but I think it's definitely worth a trip to an oncologist.

I hope you come back and update that nothing was found.  Good luck.

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but I have had low iron for years. I have to take iron supplements and I am not allowed to donate blood anymore. it may be nothing, some women get low iron when they get older. But check it out just to be sure.


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