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Nanab & Trubrit rock Reno

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 Today I have the privilege of spending time with NanaB. What a lovely lady. 

I think we should do this more often. 

Update: OK, I'm home now, and not fighting with my iPhone.  I had to convince Nana that she looked beautiful without her hat. So now I am posting both pictures. 

I had a wonderful time with her. She is a wonderful, beautiful person. Honestly, we sat down together like we were old friends. She is a very comfortable person to be around. 


Cathleen Mary
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Joined: May 2011

How wonderful!!! Enjoy!


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What a great picture of two lovely ladies!  :).  I'm so glad that you both were able to meet in person, what a nice gift.  :)

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you both look wonderful! I'm so glad that you were able to meet and hang out together. Have fun!


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You both rock!



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You two look great.   Have Fun!


Best Always,  mike

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You two are BEAUTIFUL.  This is a picture to treasure and I'm glad you could meet up.  Thanks for sharing your joy - wish I'd be sitting next to you both.  Know you had a great time together as both of you have been such a great inspiration on this board and full of life so I'm thinking that this meeting was a hoot :) 

Hugs to you both!  Kim

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Nana b
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Sue is warm and bubbly as she is online. Made a great friend. 

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Awwwe ... How fun!! Good for you both! Enjoy your visit!! 

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Looks like you were at the deli .  did you get a chance to have the sour cream coffee cake?  Atlantis is my favorite hotel in Reno.  I plan on visiting later this year.  Any chance of meeting up with you, Sue? 


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Reno will never be the same : )



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What a great picture. It warms my heart that you both were able to get together. I wish we could all do that.

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You two look so adorable- it's great you got to meet and hang out.  I'm sure you talked about cancer for like two seconds and then just moved on to normal stuff. 

happy labor day weekend

all the best

Karin Laughing

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WOWW!!! So great to see the two of you together.  Good for you guys and you both look fabulous.  Hope you had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hope you guys had a great time together!

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You both look so great! Sending the best to both of you.

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Ladies - you both look joyous and beautiful!

The hat is not needed!

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joyful, wonderful picture of you both. Two lovely ladies. We should all be so lucky to meet in person.

im in Canada and most of us are in USA .

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