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just had my urology appointment

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It was confirmed surgery Sept 11th  going to be robotic partial nephrectomy will also  take a small portion of my lymph node as well that is swallen. i was ok with this until i guess i got the confirmed dx  and then lost it when booking for my surgery...  I thought i was good...


Guess not.


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     This is just a bump in the road! You will get your surgery over with and things will be good for you again! The best is to just get it out if you can, and it looks like you can! Wishing and hoping surgery is quick, easy, and hopefully relatively painless!  We are here for you!

                                                  Prayers for good health!


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yes your right a bump in the road.  i am a strong person i will be fine.. Thank you 

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You aren't just "good" you are great!  This is all scary (hell it's terrifing) and so out of one's control.  BUT at least now you know when things are going to happen and, hopefully, can start planning for "the day after".

Go out and do something just for yourself now. Then try your best to relax and know that the the Doctors and hospital staff will take great care of you.




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Good luck with the surgery. It sure beats the alternative.



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Best of luck with the surgery and a speedy recovery! The anticipation and fear was much worse for me than the actual surgery and recovery.

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My fear you know is i know its not the same kind but my brother passed away from cancer so that is in my head. hard to leave you know. 


Thank you Ice.. and thank you for always replying to my questions.  I really do look forward to hearing from you .

God Bless and Thanks again

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I have been were you have been, most of us have.


Doesn't matter how strong you think you are it's a scary thing to go through. Two weeks ago I had my radical nephrectomy robotic laparoscopic.


Surgery went wonderful, healing great.

I know about fear, sister died at 29  of ovarian cancer, grandma 64 of colon cancer, dad 52 bladder and brain cancer.

I feared and feared, my advice to you, if you believe in God, lean and trust in him.That's how I got through it. It's the fear I had to overcome.


I had and have a huge prayer chain, and strongly believe without it and the support I couldn't get through this.


I pray you stay strong and everything goes well.It's ok to let it out , it's the perfect place to do so. We know and understand what your going through.

God be with you... do not fear!!!!




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Yes my brother passed away at age 29 from Ewing Sarcoma, I know I'm a strong person, One day at a time.. Thank you everyone for your kind words..



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It is scary, and it hit me a couple days later.


Might feel like a roller coaster ride for awhile,


Partial isn't too bad, I now only have one kidney! 


I had the same surgery only radical. I'm assuming they will take the entire lymph node..I had an enlarged lymph node that was also detected in the dye ct scans then during surgery it was removed. It too had cancer


But..... It's not the end of the world. Do try to stay positive.


talk about it.


Try not to read too much into it.


That didn't help me. Just scared the crap out of me even more. 




The worst part of the whole surgery process for me was the "drink" uhh horribly disgusting. At first I diluted it with water, even worst! It's best to plug your nose, and just down it. Plus if you dilute it like I did it might take awhile longer to totally do what it's suppose to. I was still going right up to the surgery!


Any way, best of blessings to you. 

Stay positive!

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I had a partial nephrectomy (robotic assisted) on July 8th, 2014 and returned to work 3 1/2 weeks later.  First week I had a "flu" type of anesthesia hangover - but very little real pain. Mostly discomfort when I tried to sleep. 

You can do this!  Just make sure you get your rest - while making sure you get up and walk numerous times a day.  Let your body be your guide.

Follow-up for early stage kidney cancer should be a piece of cake:  CT scans.  No chemo. No radiation.

My urologist/surgeon said I had a much higher likelyhood of my colorectal cancer (which was treated all through 2013 with chemo/radiation, surgery, and more chemo) returning and causing issues.  (My kidney cancer was RCC Stage 1 - so it was caught pretty early due to CT scans required for colorectal cancer).  VERY small chance of reoccurance for my RCC.

Best of luck with the surgery.  I'd say don't worry - but most people usually do anyway... :-).


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