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Newly Diagnosed and wanting to connect.

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Heh everybody,

Female and 54, fit,  slim and healthy grandma, with no family history, no smoking, yet have been dianosed with Polyposis syndrome and am now scheduled for a right hemi-colectomy in 5 weeks.

This means I grow the nasty kind of polyps and lots of them rather quickly. It also means thateven if I do not have cancer now, I may/will have at some point in the near future. I am fortunate that it has been found and they can keep a close eye on me from here on out.

What is weird is that the Drs are treating like I have cancer anyway. Sigh.

My partner works aways a great deal so I only have him for a limited time during and after the surgery. SInce I have never been through something like this I have no idea how to prepare or what to really expect.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 



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Its always sad to see new people join us, but it happens, and now that you're here, we hope that we can help you in every way possible. 

Love the avatar. You definitely fit the picture of the glamorous granny. 

Doesn't it just burn when you know you're doing everything you can to stay healthy and then something comes along that you have no control over (or very little). 

If you are at all worried about the way the Doctor's are treating you, you might want to consider a second opinion if you can. 

I know there are others here who can advise you on your specific surgery. I had a resection of the colon, and it went very well. Going into a surgery healthy is a huge bonus. 

Looking forward to getting to know you here. 

Others should be along soon. 


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My Drs are great. Their approach is correct and it all makes sense - it was just so - out of the blue. I am having major  related cancer surgery but technically do not have cancer. So  I cannot really talk about it and when I do peole just say, oh, well that is good.

But actualy it is not good beacuse I cannot really talk about it as no one yet knows how to deal withit in my family. All are supportive but it is like a diagnositc no mans land.

I am doing fine most days but about every two weeks the shock and fear circle on around and give me a bad day. Especialy on the days I have to struggle with my info gathering and Insurance related matters.

Sigh, just letting it out.



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Nana b
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Interesting. Hope the cancer never comes to be. 



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Welcome to the board.  Glad that you found us as we have been through many situations but most of us have had or care for someone with cancer.  I'm so glad that you found this out now and can have this looked at closely because keeping on top of it is the best reason to do what your team of doctors tell you, but if you question anything, always get another opinion or ask questions until you are satisfied.  Sorry that you can't get more help because you're going to be pretty sore but I'm glad you have some help.  They probably will send out a home nurse for you for several weeks so that should give you some reassurance.  We are here to help you anyway we can.


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That's what this place is for.  I think your family should talk about it too because from what I understand it's highly genetic. It's great that it's not cancer and you found it before it has become cancer, you have a chance to stay on top of it and you may never hear the 'c' word. I think you're lucky! My surgery was laproscopic and I was up after a weekend. I was surprised how easy it was. Go in with a good attitude, you're getting cleansed of those nasty polyps, and you'll do fine. Good luck and keep us posted on what's happening.

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You might want to look into anti-inflammatory treatments like aspirin, resveratrol, curcumin, etc and the underlying studies referenced.  For surgery too.  My wife also uses generic celebrex, which has special anti-CRC properties, but she is very careful to thin her blood with various supplements, to reduce the Vioxx type risks.     

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I had a colectomy which is a resection.  My surgeons removed 4 1/2 feet of colon.  The surgery was painful the first few days but I was up and walking the same day.  I would get as much information as I could and share your emotions. This forum is filled with people who become family. It's a emotion filled information center with no judging. I hope you don't ever hear the c word. 



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