Stomach Cancer Recurrence

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I had stomach cancer in March 2013 and had an operation that removed a small part of my stomach. I'm a smoker and I do drink occasionally and I know that's not good for stomach cancer or your health in general, and we know it's hard to quit.

My parents are both surgeons and advised me to start being more healthy or I could be at risk of recurrence. What are the symptoms of recurrence? I had a small portion of my stomach removed in 2013 so I don't know if it really could come back or what would happen if it did?

Lately I been passing out and nauseaous all the time. I just feel terribly weak and I sleep way more than I should. Sometimes up to 19 or 20 hours, although my psychiatrist said I could have narcolepsy.

If my cancer comes back, what's going to happen?


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    Stomach Cancer Recurrence

    If in doubt, check it out. I had very early stage stomach cancer, and had 90% of my stomach removed in April 2004. My surgeon reported clean margins.  My gastroenterologist did a follow-up upperendoscopy with ultrasound 5 months later in Sept 2004, and the cancer was already coming back! After several attempts to remove the abnormal tissue in the lining of my stomach, I had the rest of my stomach removed in August 2005. I have remained cancer free for 9 years! I didn't have chemo or radiation following my surgeries, but I did have a yearly cat scan for the first 5 years following my second surgery. 

    I would really encourage you to see a specialist, such as a gastroenterologist, to discuss your symptoms. Good luck.