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Got my scan results on Thursday and jumped up and down in Walmart's parking lot.  I've been having bathroom problems and pain in my shoulder, so I was very concerned.  Guess this is just more of the joys of hysterectomy and surgical menopause.  Not complaining, though.  Life is good and I'm NED!!!!

You ladies have a wonderful day.


  • babe12
    babe12 Member Posts: 103

    Congrats on the NED!!! That is wonderful news!! I don't know if we ever get used to our 'new' normal & the lovely side effects from treatment. After having cancer it seems any pains or problems bring the fear of the ugly beasts return. I am so happy for you & here's to many more years of NED!!!


  • NoTimeForCancer
    NoTimeForCancer Member Posts: 2,926 **
    So happy for you!!

    So happy for you!!

  • ccfighter
    ccfighter Member Posts: 476
    Whooooooo-Hoooooooo!!!  Love

    Whooooooo-Hoooooooo!!!  Love to hear that word!  Celebrate and enjoy.

  • FightingSpirit
    FightingSpirit Member Posts: 37

    Thanks for joining the celebration :).  Only those who havee walked in our shoes know how wonderful those three letters are.

    Keep up the fight!