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Bleeding after intercourse and Post cervical cancer treatments

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I am new and I was diagnosed with Stage IIB cervical cancer in late February 2014. I went through all my radiation/chemotherapy treatments and just last week got my 3 month post checkup and was given a cancer-free diagnosis. Praise God.  I was told to use a dilator and have regular sex three or more times a week. But I did not like the dilator at all so my husband has been doing most of the work trying to keep my vagina from closing up.  But for the passed few months we have not had sex due to a skin condition on his penis that caused him discomfort. Tonight we finally had sex and I started bleeding.  Not badly but heavy spotting.  Does anyone know if this is because of the lack of sex and possibly due to scar tissue?  I can't help to worry even after getting a clear diagnosis just last week.  Has anyone had this problem? I have read that using the dilator as well as having intercourse is important to keep the vagina from shrinking too much.

Thank you to whomever can answer my questions....

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First of all, congrats on your 3 month post checkup-cancer-free diagnosis!   So happy for you.Smile

With regard to the dialator, etc., did you have brachytherapy or just pelvic radiation?    The vagina area is a tender area and after having radiation changes and scarring can occur.   I had even gotten some slight bleeding when I did use the dialator (I dont use it either now).   If your bleeding is only after sex and only for that day, then it is probably due to the shrinking of the vagina and since it was the first time after a month could technically be the cause.    Sometimes I would get a slight spotting right after my internal exam.   However, always bring these things up with your physician, especially if it continues.

Sorry I could not be of more help.


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congrats on your current NED.  I agree you should always bring all these concerns to your doctors office. 

I can offer that with internal radiation there is a chance for scarring and it doesn't take long for scaring to develop.  When you break through scarring you can see some spot bleeding and it is for a very short period of time.  But let you Dr conclude if this is the case


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I would see how much my hubby paid the Dr to tell me that!

Seriously, it is probably nothing but you have to get it checked.

Janh in Ontario



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Hello Img1970. Welcome here on this discussion board. Check out the other discussion board "other GYN cancers" as you might get some answers as that is where cervical cancer ladies post.  I also recommend calling you DR today to ask them.  Congrats on being NED!

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SO happy to hear you are cancer free!  I think we all love to hear this announced.

I remember our lovely Jan saying to use the dialator everyday and it is rare I haven't.  Were you using the dialator during the months your husband had his skin condition?  I will say, my gyn/onc could tell I used the dialator during his follow up exams and he also saw "pink" a year after treatment ended and did a sample (think colposopy! owe!!)  to decide it was scar tissue still burned from the radiation. 

I agree with the ladies, ask you doctor, but would suggest you try to dialator.  I didn't like it either but I hope to have a sex life like your someday!

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