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Still NED!

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15 months after treatment and I got the all clear. NED! Side effects? Well, that's another story but tolerable with meds. The thing that I need to watch is the heart. I had two heart attacks, bypass surgey and stents prior to cancer treatment. My RO is concerned about the effects of chemo and rads on my arteries. I eat right and exercise when I can and regularly visit my cardiologist. There's not enough data to really know the effects and they're watching me closely which is good. Thank you all for your support, positive thoughts and prayers. Next follow-up before Thanksgiving.

Positive thoughts and prayers



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WHOO HOO, friend!!  It's a load off a person's shoulders, huh?  Good to hear that your RO is concerened with your "all-over" health, and thinking about your arteries. 

Hope you and Marcia did a dance around the kitchen.....


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T, I couldn't be happier for you and Marcia.  Praying the heart will behave now that you've kicked som cancer azz.  Stay stong and live well.

God bless you,


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I about had a heart attack when you showed us “those” pictures.  What did you call it?

Big Oregon way to  go, congratulations, couldn’t be happier to call you NED.


PS Jack

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Great news T!

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Congrats!!  Hoping for nothing but NED for you...forever :)

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Great news to wake up to! My PET is 09/09 at Mayo. Continued good health to you!

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Hey "T",

Happy to hear your news. Kreg is having his 21 month check up today, and praying we get the same good news. As you may recall, he also had heart attack and triple bypass prior to tx, and he is doing quite well. He does make sure he stays in close contact with his cardiologist. So far, so good.

Keep doing what you're doing. Thanks for sharing the news.



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