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Rang the bell today...

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...well, my doorbell anyway...they don't have a bell tradition where I am taking treatment so today was the last day of tx and went home and rang my own bell. Kept the mask, not sure why, I suppose I'll resolve that later. I know from all of you that the next couple of weeks are often the worst so I hope I can cope ok. Living alone doesn't help much but I'm trudging on as best I can. Hard to motivate but I will persevere. I would be on here more but the energy level is not so great. It does motivate me to read all the success stories though, although I hate seeing "new" members...thanks for the support to me in other threads I started and in other people's threads for them...

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has been zapped for sure (along with the rest of you!)  It does come back, it just takes time.  Congrats on ringing the bell!!  I absolutley LOVE that you rang your doorbell!  That is a huge milestone and I wish only the best for you and pray for a quick recovery from rads! 

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i don't care where the ding comes from as long as you heard it with a big smile.


great news! Congrats


fight and fight more




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Congrats on ringing the bell and the TX is over. Now set back and recover and take it easy. Your strength iwll increase sloooly, but it will get stronger.

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fantastic on ringing the bell!!  congrats.  what a huge milestone.  now your time is your's again and you can start to heal and get better.  life will return it will just take a little more time.  be patient and let us know how you're doing.

God bless you,


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A doorbell sounds right, congratulations and welcome to the other side.

Fellow H&N’er,


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Now take it easy and hydrate as the next month can be rough.

good luck


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for you mate. Energy will return. G.

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Now that is ding-a-ling-dang good news.  Sure, the immediate future will have it's challenges..............maybe even a speed bump or two................but remember, my friend, that you and your body are fighting for your life.  You had an uninvited demon that had to be exorcised.  Hang in there....................drink lots....lots....lots of water even if you have to force it.  You'll be amazed at how much help that alone will be.  Take care...............................JK

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 I just find it hard to believe that someone can go through all this hell, and live by themselves doing it.  I'm highly impressed with someone who can do all of this all alone.  I wouldn't have made it half-way through my treatment, and would have given up if not for my great wife and support of neighbors and friends.  Congratulations, survivor.  You're a hero in my mind.


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Great to hear you gave that ol bell a ring- even if it was your own doorbell!  Maybe you can run that mask over with the car later? ;)  That sounds nice!  Dad is one year out and doing good although things were rough right after treatment. You will improve!  Just keep postitive! 

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To see a couple of people still thriving after many a year. Si extra thanks to Larry and JK. Its a boost! G.

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My doc warned me about weeks following rads but I only saw steady improvement. Hoping the same for you!

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I have a "hotel reception" bell in my room as decoration, i cant remember since when i have it and never rang it actually. But today I rang it for u :)))


ur treatments... Its history :) stay strong please. I'm half way through mine, and its hell. Thank u for sharing this and showing me that there is a finish line.





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