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Today is my 7th Folfox treatment

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I'm on my way to start cycle 7 infusion. The last few cycles were mixed with shingles, root canals and stys. I'm feeling tired but I've been babysitting my 17 month old twin grandsons!  I'm happy to be on the down side of this mountain. Ready to get another one done. If all goes as scheduled I have 75 days left to finish the 12 cycles. 



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Wow, you've taken on the world.  If you can do all of that and still babysit two kids, you can do anything!  Beat the heck out of those cells!!!! 

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My daughter is on the hospital with foot surgery. Her husband works out of town mon- fri. My older granddaughter and grandson are helping with my husbAnd. It seems each cycle is different. Today I noticed black spots on my fingernails and sores in my nose!  Sometimes it's the mountain of small things that pile up.  The babies are handfuls but it keeps me busy!

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Awesome news that you are still able to babysit them!  Keep doing all you can but don't let yourself get too worn down. I kept getting progressivly more tired as the treatments went on but I kept trying to keep my routine as normal as I could.  Was hard the last few though.  Good luck!

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Nana b
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Be careful, don't wear your immune system down. Stay away from sick people too. I worked full time, 10 hours a day and had a 2 hour cummute, I over did it! 


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jI remember now. I had nose sores throughout my whole chemo.  Ah, memories (glad it's over)

take care of yourself. 


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Enjoy the grandbabies. I think they are the light in our lives!

I hope the side effects are mild.


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My goodness you are a trooper and a Saint in the making.  You are going through all these treatments and still watching grandchildren?  My goodness you are a glutten for punishment.  Hoping and wishing that treatment for you is better next time.  Counting down with you for the end to your journey :)


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Heading back from the hospital. Round 7 finished!  MY hands are hurting regardless of what I'm touching. My legs feel weaker. I'm tired but feeling good only 5 rounds to go. We have my daughter and twins until tomorrow.  Love them to pieces. I wish I had half their energy. Thanks everyone for the pm and posts of support. I have notified my doctor of the changes. 

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