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Prayers and good vibes for Winter Marie UPDATE by WM 8/26/14

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Our dear friend, Winter Marie, is back in the hospital and is struggling.

They are trying to get her weight up so she can get next chemo treatment.

Please send prayers and all good thoughts her way.

Marie who loves kitties

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Even though she has been suffering (and I don't use the word lightly), she has posted here, supporting those who have lost so much. That takes heart, and I really appreciate her for that. 

My prayers for her. Gosh, if only I could send some of my weight her way. 

Bless you Winter Marie!


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Prayers and good wishes heading your way. I hope things get better soon. 


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Marie, I am in your corner pulling for you. Did deep into that Winter Marie toughness and keep fighting.

Cathleen Mary
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Winter Marie,

You are so good to post about all of us when you are feeling so miserable. Hang in! Being back in the hospital is discouraging but if they can help you put weight on it will be worth it.  Be gentle with yourself.  Rooting for you.


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Dear Winter Marie,

As Roger would often say, I'm sending you 'Sparks of Love' from afar! :)  Now get some of that weight on girl so you can be back at home with all your furry "babies".   I'm sure they miss their Momma.  :)

Hugs ((()))


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Pulling for you to put on some weight Winter Marie!  As my doctor told me go for the heavy stuff if it'll help you in the short run to let you do what will help you in the long run.  Thinking of you today!  Helen

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Praying for you dear Winter, so sorry that you are back in the hospital.  Sending you gentle hugs.


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I am so sorry you are back in the hospital.  Sending big hugs your way that you can put on some weight and get out of there.

Love ya - Tina

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  I hope they are looking after you. More to the point I hope that hey can find a regime that will allow you to continue fighting the cancer. I must add a  big hug to Marie who loves kitties. You are a true angel . Thanks for caring about us all and taking the time to do something about it. Thanks to you and all of the others who go the extra yard to try to help friends in trouble . Ron.

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We are sending our thoughts and Prayers to Winter Marie.   She has been a breath of fresh air and positive interactions for many here.


Keep up the good fight!  Keep up your strength Winter Maire!


Best Always,  mike

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Hey Winter,

Mom and I are praying for you. Hope you get well soon.


Linda and Miss Ellie

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Nana b
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Winter, if I get to Standord in October and you are in that hospital, as the last two times I went up, I'm going to kick your butt girlfriend!  :) just kidding. But seriously, you do have to get well Girlfriend. Always praying and thinking of you.  


Big, big hug! 

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Yikes - hope you feel better and can gain weight soon.  




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Thinking of you and sending hugs & good vibes, my long time cyber friend. Get this turned around, girl!



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Hoping you have a quick recovery. We need you back on the board!


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I am praying she can get her strength back.

hugs from George & Diane

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Winter - get better soon, we need you on these boards again. We need your spirit and your input and inspiration.  May your heart be filled with whatever spirit fills you to get back to health and us. 

Many blessings to you dear girl.  Hugs!  Kim

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I so wish I could send you some of my weight and health. I'm praying they find a regime to get your strength up so you can keep on fighting. You are so needed here, your expertise and love we all have experienced is beyond words.

im sending you love and light and prayers and hugs, Marjan

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You are one of our inspirations and I hope we are inspiring you now.  I hope you find the strengh to build up your weight and can get out of that dreaded hospital.  We miss your posts and hope you improve soon.  Traci

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Sending prayers to a very unique and wonderful person who deserves so. much more .........

prayers for you from one  who has appreciated all your support and wisdom.

wish I could send you my extra weight.


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Winter Marie,


You are in my thoughts and prayers.  You are such an amazing person and loved so much.  Wish I could give you a hug in person.  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.




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Dear Winter Marie,

Sending lots of positive energy to you! As much as I hate to hear this news, I am glad you are where you can get the best care and calories! I am hopeful you are comfortable and getting some rest.  Head phones and music helped me tremendous during my stays. Hopeful you will be home soon and able to continue treatments.  

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you strengthen. Keep going Winter!! 

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I've had quite the time. I was hospitalized last Monday and tonight I should be getting out since home health/nurse care has finally been approved.

I received two blood transfusions (from losing blood thanks to the 6cm newest tumor in colon) 6 potassium, 6 magnesium and a few other goodies to bring me back to life.  I was not in good shape, walking from my bedroom to my living room required great amount of effort that I soon gave up on.  Thank goodness Doc took a look at me and sent me to hospital.  He suggested I send for my loved ones (my daughter flew out from Ohio)he said he still had hope but things were not looking good.  

I have been on TPN all week which is what has been keeping me alive, because of tumor in colon eating/pooping doesnt do well. I now weigh 110 pounds and have that scary cancer look of skin and bones, no clothes fit, I have to hold my pants up.

But feeling much better today, I now get 5FU and Oxi once a week, doc hopes to get liver tumors (two are now size of baseballs) that they can remove the tumor in colon which is causing me such problems.

So still fighting and still here.

Thwnk you so much for words of encouragement, well wishes and prayers.  I truly appreciate them

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You have had a terrible week.  I'm so sorry that you are going through so much.  Hoping that they can take care of that tumor so that you can get some nutrition in you.  Maybe you should be taking some boost to help you get the vitamins you need.  You always have such a wonderful spirit even through the worst of things.  You are very much admired and hoping that you get to feeling better and that they are able to get things more stable.

Hugs and prayers going your way.  Kim

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I'm sorry you have to deal with all this, but keep up the fight. We've missed you. 

Feel better.


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I am so glad to here you are coming home. You are such a warrior. you are definately one of my hereos in this community.

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All of that and you still made time to come on and write.  You know you've pulled for all of us to power through and now it's our turn for you.  You keeping fighting!

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You are such a strong person, Winter.  I hope you are home and regaining strength now to stay in the fight.  I'm glad your doc still has a plan for you.

Big hugs~AA

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I just read your bio and I'm totally impressed. Keep on fighting that good fight, I'm sending you as much positive energy as I can! I'm from the Bay Area too, I'm at UCSF, there'a plenty of good food around us to help you gain weight, pack it on girl!

good thoughts your way


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Heartbreaking to read this.....I'd pass along some weight....but I've lost 105 lbs myself......

Please get well soon.....when you can eat, poop and pee, you're way ahead of the game. 

l'm so sorry and wish you the best.  You've got folks here that care for you:)


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And prayers for a return of strength and that the chemo does it's job!

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