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Swelling face

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Hi there, newbie here.

My GF has been dx with stage2 PMBL early June this year.

Her symptom was SVC. (swelling face)

After 1 round of DA R EPOCH, the swelling was gone.

Now she just finished her fourth round.


However, during the fourth day of this round, we noticed a little swelling on her face. Hardly noticeble.

I'm worrying the mass is back.

Is this just one effect of chemo?

Has anybody expreince swelling on their faces during chemo?

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Welcome to the group.  Great and caring folks here!  I can't answer your question directly but steroids can cause swelling.  I would definitely have her check with her medical team.  I was on R-EPOCH and didn't experience this.  I found something online called "moon face" related to steroid use.

I read something on WebMD about it:


I hope you find answers and please feel free to come here and chat - your girlfriend is more than welcome as well.

Hugs - Jim


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Thanks Jim, from your link, it says Prednisolone can cause moon face..um


anyway, we have an appointment this sunday and a scan next saturday. 

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Prednisone is used to reduce swelling, among other things. It sometimes causes fluid retention in the hands and feet, but not usually very quickly. The link describes Moon Face as a gradual (slow) accumulation of fat cells in the face, which would take some time to occur.  I would suspect an allergic reaction for the rapid results that your friend experienced, but would get her to a doctor either way.


Ironically, many drugs can have the opposite effect of their intended effect, so I guess anything is possible. Anti-depressants now carry so-called "Black Label" warnings for increasing the liklihood of suicide in some people, for instance, so drug treatment of virtually anything is an inexact science.

I hope you share what you learn about her face swelling, and I hope it resolves quickly.



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Swelling in the face could be a thyroid issue too. I had my thyroid quit working and had facial swelling plus other places.

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