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as I sit here

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As I sit here alone after all the family has left after my husbands funeral. I realize that I am alone I keep expecting my husband to walk through the door. I was positive I was ready for this, but it is way harder than I ever thought.  I no longer have a shoulder to cry on or someone to take my shoes off and rub my feet after a long day at work, or someons to make me a cup of tea while watching our favorite tv shows. I'm just going to plain miss him. But I keep remembering what my brother in law said in his eulogy - cancer may have killed him, but cancer did NOT beat him.

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You must give yourself time to grieve and time to heal. And, there is no time limit, not this week or next, this month or next, or even this year or next. 

But, eventually, time will or can heal your broken heart if you allow it. 

Sadly, I have a SIL whose daughter was killed in a car wreck 17 years ago. She has not healed, she became a recluse, and lives a very sad life, regardless of her two other children and grandchildren. 

I think service helps people heal; but, for you, now, allow that saddness, that lonliness, the anger of the unfairness of it all; allow yourself to grieve, as your loss is still fresh.

My deepest and most sincere sympathies to you, Sandi. 

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I'm so sorry, Sandi.  You are very much in my thoughts and prayers.

*hugs you to itty bitty pieces*

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I hope the passing of time will ease your grief.  Take it one day at a time and take comfort in the fact that he is now at peace.  

my condolences,


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Nana b
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Hang in there, it will get easier.   Try to find some comfort that he is no longer in pain. 


Wrapping ng my arms around you. 

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Is so hard.  Give yourself time and permission to grieve. dont push yourself. You deserve to take A break right now. My prayers and cyber hugs. 


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I am so sorry. You have been through so much. Hugs!


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Only time can heal these most important things. Give yourself time to sort out things ans your feelings. I hope you will still reach out to us with good and bad.

Millions of hugs,


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This whole situation is just plain hard, it can't be easy and no one can say they understand because no one does.  It's just a pitiful situation that this terrible disease brings.  Just remember, we are here for you, but it's not the same.  As you deal with your grief, remember the wonderful times, the laughs, and special moments you shared.  May God bring you peace and healing.

Hugs!  Kim

Cathleen Mary
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Dear Sandi,

It is so hard when there is nothing left to do for the one we love but feel the pain of their loss. Be gentle with yourself. 

Words are so inadequate but please know we care. Also, I hope you know what we know...you were an amazing caregiver. 

hugs, CM

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It is so hard to lose a loved one. And I pray that you will finde peace, love, and light during the days ahead.

Blessings to you.


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I'm sorry you're in pain Sandi.  One day, one hour and one minute at a time sometimes.  If you find you aren't managing, do ask for help from family who can stay with you.  Love, Helen

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