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Dr. Just Called

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I went in for scans on Friday last week.  I have an appointment on Thursday this week to review results.  Well, no waiting until Thursday. My onc just called with results. Three tumors showing up on MRI near spot of last resection done Feb 7 2014.

He is going to review with the surgeon.

He is not sure what the recommendation will be. It may be to do another liver resection ASAP. Or possibly to do chemo first then resection. Or possibly to do some other treatment like obaltion (spelling).

Craig once told me that this is a marathon. And after six surgeries, 24 chemo treatments, and now dealing with another challenge....  Well it reallyl is a marathon.

The good news is other organs are clear...

I feel really bad for my poor wife. Her first husband died from bone cancer. Her father just entered hospice care for pancreatic cancer. And now we need to deal with my reoccurence as well.


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You know what they say, 'third times a charm' which means, all will be well. 

I know the gut-wreching feeling you experience when the bad news comes in, and my heart goes out to you. 

I pray they will jump on it quickly, now that they have the results from your scans. 

I had an Ablation in April, which is a whole lot easier recovery than a resection. So, if the tumours are small enough, I hope that is a possibility for you. 

Good luck! You are in my thoughts and prayers. 


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Waiting for the results are always hard but then when the doctor calls ahead of time, it's even scarier.  It is hard to put your loved ones through the emotional roller coaster.  Hope that the surgeon has a great plan of action for you and it is good news that it is in no other organs.  Good luck to tackling this new hurdle.


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I know Craig mentioned the marathon...did he mention the emotional roller coaster as well?

Hoping all will be well for you.


Cathleen Mary
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Sorry, you did not get the news you were hoping to hear.  There are options and you are on your way to a treatment plan...that is the good news as well as no other involvement. Our families bear the burden of our illness but I am sure your wife wants to be nowhere but at your side. 

Be assured of my prayer that you will soon be NED again. Hang in...you can do it!



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Nana b
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Dang it!  Wish that your remission would have been longer. There is also chemoemobilzation and y90. 


Get it out before it spreads. 

Take care and stay strong! 

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Sending good vibes & big hugs to you & your beautiful wife. Hang in there,my friend.



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Hopefully they'll get a plan of attack soon and get you NED. It's tough being the patient or the caretaker. I will keep both of you in my prayers. 



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I am truly sorry that you had to get that call. I have recurred enough times myself so i truly understand how you are feeling. I hope you and your wife took a little time to cry together and are now ready to fight again. You are in my prayers.

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Not a news we want to here, but i know your spirit with a little help from your friends will carry you through.

All the best,


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I am so sorry that the news was not better.

I hope that there are good options for dealing with this latest liver issue.

Your dear wife certainly has had much to deal with.

Prayers for you all,

Marie who loves kitties

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It's so random.  Gone, back, gone back.  It's like a never ending hurricane.  I hope you get a good plan and become NED again soon.


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