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Very Scared High White Cells

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Dear All,


I always read Uterine board from 2009. I never replied due to lack of knowldge. My mother was diagnoised stage 3c and grade 1 in may 2009. she had 6 rounds of chemo and surgery. She was fine till May 14 when they found recurrence in her right lung. luckily she had only 1 spot which they resected.


She has gain weights due to megace dose. 


Today her u/S was normal and Ca125 is 4 but her white cells are 13.3. Quite high. I am worried abt infection.


Please shed some lights.


She had surgery 30 may for right lungs.


Thanks Kumar







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What did the doctors say about the high WBC?   There are many factors that can cause an increase in WBC  - anything from stress, drug reactions and many different viral infections.  Since you indicated that she has gained weight on megace, maybe this is just a side effect.  Other than that, how is your mom feeling?  I am glad her CA125 is normal.

My thoughts are with you and your mom.



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Thanks for asking and she is doing fine. 


Goint to Goa for holidays.


How are you?


Thanks Kumar

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