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Vanderbilt doing new drug treatment

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My sister-in-law, Kelly, has carcinoma sarcoma of the uterus stage four. She has METS in her lungs, stomach and colon, she is still doing very well. While she was in Nashville at the conference she met a doctor who knew that a doctor at Vanderbilt was doing some experimental drugs.

She got in touch with Dr. Todd Bauer at Vanderbilt and has had two appointments and now will start on a new regimen that he is using. The study is open label moxr0916    study #go29313. She will receive treatment door 5 weeks. She has gone back to California today to have some more pet scans and get things in order to come back to Nashville and start treatment.

I am just putting this information out there for anyone who is looking for something new or lives in the Nashville area and wants more information. I really don't know much more than this except it is an IV treatment and at the same time they are taking tissue from her last surgery and matching it with possible other drugs. Kelly Is still doing well and fighting the good fight.



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It sounds as though your sister-in-law will be traveling some distance to participate in this trial.  I am so glad to hear that she was accepted in the trial.  Sometimes trials are difficult to get into, but can produce some wonderful results.  My late husband participated in a trial for melanoma in Nashville, at Sarah Cannon Research Center, for nearly 3 years.  We traveled to Nashville every 28 days and sometimes more frequently.  The American Cancer Society has a Hope Lodge located in Nashville in the hospital district.  The Lodge is available for cancer patients to stay at free while they are receiving treatment.  Your doctor has to request a reservation for you at the Hope Lodge.  This helps with some of the cost of travel.  The Hope Lodge does accept donations but does not charge anything.  My husband and I spent many, many nights there over 3 years.  It is run by a wonderful, caring staff that we came to know, as well as other frequent visiting patients.   It is a wonderful, clean, safe, home like place to stay.  It was our home away from home for nearly 3 years.  Perhaps your sister-in-law can inquire at her doctors office if she wishes to use this facility.  I highly recommend it.


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