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Recommendation needed for a Thoracic surgeon with Kaiser Permanente group in San Francisco Bay Area

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Multiple lung nodules were discovered in my lungs by CT in 2005.  Periodic monitoring by CT since showed none of them disappeared nor grew in size until the last CT scan I had last month.  It turned out two of them have grown to 1cm and 1.3cm.  Biopsy perfomed on the larger leision showed it is what the pathologist called "adenocarcinoma in situ." PET scan was negative.  I met a thoracic surgeion and he said he can remove the the 1.3cm nodule with VATS.  He also said he may not be able to remove the 1cm nodule using VATS and may have to do open chest surgery. 

I have a Kaiser Permenante health plan and I would like to be sure I am in the hands of the best surgeion I can find. I am looking for a highly experienced thoracic surgeion practicing with Kaiser Permanente group. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and I am desperately looking for recommendations from those who may have had such operation.  I thank you in advance. 


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You may want to ask here:  inspire.com

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Hi there,

I am in the same situation, a nodule discovered in 2011 and checked periodically until i was laid off in 2012. Just had a new scan that shows that nodule grew from 5mm to 10mm and there are two others, one 3mm and one 5mm. Had a needle biopsy at Kaiser showed as adenocarcinoma so am meeting with their surgeon Dr Moskovitz tomorrow to discuss lobectomy. His credentials seem to be good and i think you can look him up on kp.org. 

I myself am in conflict, on one hand grateful to have insurance through my workplace, but on thd other hand not happy that in this life atering situation, i have no other option but Kaiser. My preference would be to go to UCSF where there is an NCI comprehensive cancer center but Kaiser will not allow this. Since i am not a wealthy woman, my only options are to do nothing, or to put my life in Kaiser's hands, not a very comforting position to be in. 


Anyway, good luck with your procedure, i hope it goes well for you.



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Hi Channelgrace,
I had my surgery at Kaiser hospital in Oakland exactly a week ago today. My surgeon was Dr. Simon Ashiku and I was referred to him by someone.  He is great I had to stay at the hospital for two nights and I feel I have recoverred almost completely.  He is great and I would recommend him highly if you have not chosen a surgeon already. 


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