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Not Cancer Related, Just Crazy

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Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know that Kentucky will not let me go. I am in the hospital in JBG's small town with pneumonia. Also have Thrush in mouth & throat & can sympathize with those of you that got this as a chemo bonus. YUCH! This started as bronchitis over a week ago & despite clinic visit & meds has gone into pneumonia.

So will not return home this week Will try again in a couple of weeks. Would love to stop off in Dallas & meet Craig, but I know it's not a good time for him.



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Nana b
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Sorry to hear this. Hope your recovery is swift.  Stress is very toxic and you have been under a lot. Please take time to take care of yourself.   Prayers, and big hug. 

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It's amazing how many things come our way.  I hope you feel better soon.  Take care of yourself. You deserve it!!

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Oh my - you poor thing!  But with all of the stress that you've been under it's no wonder that your body is run down.  I'd tell you to try to get plenty of sleep and rest - but we all know how impossible that is to do in a hospital!  :(   I hope that you recover quickly and can return home to your own bed for some real rest soon.

All my best,


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Sending much love, prayers, and healing thoughts your way.  You've certainly been through the wringer.  :(

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So very sorry to hear that you are in the hospital, but glad you are there to get meds you need.

You have been pushing yourself to the limits these last months, so your body has finally siad you need the rest.

Hope that this is a short stay, but given you need to fly to get home, be sure to be all better before you go.  Planes notorious for many germs.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.  If there is anything we can do from a distance, just give a shout.

Love and hugs,

Marie who loves kitties

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Wow you are really being tested Karen. I hope you get out of there soon and back to your home.

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so you better take good care of yourself. 

I'm sure your body just held itself together while JBG was struggling, and then, let go.  I am glad that you were healthy enough for the trials that you have experinced, and now, spend every last moment on yourself and your health and wellbeing. 

We love you, care for you and wish we could be the ones looking after you. 

I bet you could give Craig a heads-up about wanting to visit. It might be just what he needs. 

Cyber hugs!


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and pls keep us posted on how you're doing.  As you know, we care about our CSN friends, whether it is related specifically to cancer or not!

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Your body probabl needs to rest. Take care of yourself and keep in touch. We're here for you, cancer related or not!


Cathleen Mary
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Dear Karen, You cannot get a break. Sounds like your body felt it had to take a drastic measure to get you to slow down! Give in...let people take care of you. Know you always will be a very special member of this forum.



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from the Cochrane collection:  Vitamin C for preventing and treating pneumonia   (mainstream's very grudging view while not generating data)

There are papers that suggest adding a few grams per day of vitamin C in divided doses, cuts pneumonia mortality 50+%. 

I had infections and low immune function right after a parent died.   Years later, I used to get lingering respiratory infections frequently all the time, probably C and/or D insufficient/deficient in the blood levels.  I got better faster on oral mega C (with flavonoids), like 20-100 grams per day, and less frequently with ~2000 IU of D3 (now 5000-10,000 IU).  Personally when I start to get anything now I take lots of vitamin C, maybe even bowel tolerance, and 50,000 iu per day of vitamin D (see the vitamin D Council).

If it's bacterial, adding amoxicillin to C+D has broken everything for me, so far.  Several doctors have suggested that the high dose oral vitamin C often reduces antibiotic resistance.  We keep things like zinc, olive leaf extract, turkey tail mushroom extract, selenium, food grade hydrogen peroxide (rinse!) and elderberry extract hanging around the house too.

Frankly, with any serious infection, I am going to get several heavy duty vitamin C infusion(s) too, along with some appropriate antibiotic for bacterial infections.   Older and beat up, with IV vitamin C, one can recover 3-5x faster from an exotic foreign virus, worse than chicken pox, than some healthier young counterpart in the prime of life with "best supportive care" or even oral C+D.

If some yahoo doctor gives you a hard time about quackery, you're looking at it.  Him or her.


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Oh Wolfen,

My dear friend, you need rest.  I am so sorry that you are not well.  I hope you can rest and then get home and find some routine and some peace.  Thinking of you.



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Get better!   You went through a lot of stress and it has  beat you up a little.  We are sending our thoughts and prayers for continued strength.


Best Always,  mike 

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 I hope you are resting, pneumonia can be deadly when not treated.  Please take care of yourself over the next few days.  Sick and still wanting to take care of other people, you're just amazing.  

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Oh my goodness, you have been through so much.  I'm sure that during your time there you probably didn't realize that you were getting run down and therefore your immune system probably was lacking as well.  Sorry that you have these problems, but glad that you are in a place where they can keep a good eye on the situation.  Hope that you get to feeling better soon.  Please keep us updated.


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Karen, sending you prayers for health and happiness.



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Still sitting here(less patiently) as tests filter in. Am feeling a bit better, just short of breath & exhausted. No 10 rail fences for me yet. I am the mystery patient, I guess. Lung doctors are leaning toward viral pneumonia because of CT results. They did say, I may be able to get out of here tomorrow or next day. Will have to do a 6 minute walking test to see if  I need oxygen. I think I'll be okay if I walk slowly. Was offered rehab in the hospital, but I opt to return to my daughter's farm for a couple of weeks to reset my reservations home. If still not too good, my son will fly out to help me home. Money,money,money so I hope I can go it alone.

Thanks for your concern.



Cathleen Mary
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You are so good about tending to everyone here on the forum even in the midst of your own grief and illness. We know where JBG got her strength and loving heart from!  Be gentle with yourself.  I do hope you are released in the next day or so and can recuperate on JBG's farm. Her spirit will help you to heal.

You are an amazing woman. 


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Finally determined that I have a fungus in my lungs called Aspergillous(sp?) caused by mold, spores, dust, etc. Most who get this fight it off readily, but because I am so run dow, my immune system is compromised. Doc opted out of the very expensive anti-fungal med as I am slowly improving. So just a bit more steroids & extra BP meds & Thrush med. Hopefully, it will be better in a few weeks with a lot of rest. I'm weak, tired, & a bit dizzy & stairs are not my friend right now. Am going to try for home again in 3 weeks.

Still can't believe my JBG is not here. Sinking in slowly for my SIL. But I am here now if he needs a shoulder.

Thanks for your love & support.



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I am not completely surprised that your body says "enough".....


I am so hugging you right now, dear friend!  Please let me know when you get home....




BIG hugs, kathi

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well, thats what I've been led to believe. 

I am sure your extra three weeks are for a purpose. Maybe your Son-in-law needs you more than you know. 

May you both take this time to ride the road of healing and grieving together. I am glad to hear that you aren't going to be bombarded with meds at this time. Here's hoping the infection will clear up on its own. 


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