Abdominal pain after eating

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My mom has upsc 3c and finished her treatment in Feb, chemo and radiation. She is now complaining from abdominal pain after she eats certain food. She had a scan and nothing was abnormal. I just want to know if anyone have the same problem??? The docs first said it could be virus infection but it has been two weeks now. We ask for another examination which is next week. We think it could be caused by radiatin, any thought?


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    I finished treatment in Jan. 2014.  I only had chemo..  I don't get the abdominal pains but I do get nausea sometimes.  I don't know what it is.  My diagnosis was UPSC  3A Grade 3.    

    This is a great place to gain information. I hope you are able to get some possible answers for your mom.


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    Dear Goldheart:

    I experience these "abdominal pains" periodically.    At first, I got it after lunch and I thought I got food poisoning.  It was mainly just abdominal cramping where it keeps getting worse until I vomit.   I called the doctor and they thought it was just a bug.  But I keep getting them.    Every several months or so.  I don't get nausea.  Just the cramping pain.    I just had one in June.   I have probably had about 10 of these within the last several years.   The next time I get one, I am to go to the hospital to get an x-ray while I am experiencing this pain.   That is the only way that they can determine if it is a partial blockage of the bowels.    Scarring is a side effect of radiation and anything is possible.

    I hope your mom is feeling better.   My best to you and her.



    PS.  Nothing shows on scans either.

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    Abd. Pain

    I also get pains after eating, which started about 4 years after my surgery.  I'd had chemo, but no radiation.  My family doctor's PA sent me for a CT scan in May.  My pain was on the left side. No mass was found there, but a small one was found on the right.  It's being watched.  If it grows, I'll have to have surgery after my next CT scan next month.

    Incidentally found on my CT scan were scattered diverticulae.  I'm wondering if I have them on the left side and if they are what is causing my pain.  You might want to pay attention to what kind of food is causing the pain.  Is it things like chunks of nuts or seeds or spices that may be getting stuck in one of these finger-like projections?  Is it dairy?  It could be from lactose intolerance.  Is it something with gluten?  It could be celiac disease or some other kind of gluten sensitivity. Some people develop that after having had other illnesses. If she's eating fatty food, it could be gallstones.  Kidney stones can also cause abd. pain, but I don't think there is any relationship to the pain of them and having eaten.

    I wouldn't be surprised to find that radiation could cause pain, too, but I don't know for sure since I didn't have it. I had stomatitis (mouth sores) for a short time during my chemo so maybe it can also affect other mucous membranes.

    I also had an incisional hernia after my surgery.  The pain wasn't related to food intake, but that's something to consider, too.  Maybe it's when your mom is lifting something heavy and it coincidentally happens just after she's eaten.  There are any number of possibilities for what it could be.  I used to work a desk job in a hospital ER, and these are some of the most common causes of abd. pain I've seen.  In younger women, ovarian cysts are often at fault for it, too.    

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    Abdominal pain after eating

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with UPSC stage 4.  I also had surgery, chemo and radiation.  I developed bowel problems, especialy constipation.  A later CT Scan showed a marotated bowel, which might have been there before, or might be since surgery (what's left inside moves around in the empty space.)  About six months ago I found out that some of the abdominal problems related to after effects of the radiation.  Eventually the docs recommended a low fiber diet and Miralax for regularity.  Not too healthy, but it reduced the pain.   


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    Thank you

    Hello to all, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experinces with me. Sending you my warm wishes to all. Pav

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    Goldheart said:

    Thank you

    Hello to all, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experinces with me. Sending you my warm wishes to all. Pav

    I have abdominal pains too

    November 2014 will be 5 years since my surgery for endo MMMT stage 1a grade 3.  complete hyst and removal of omentum. abdominal pains mostly when i am lying in bed.  I wake up with these pains similar to period pains and I go to sleep with them.  During the day when I get active they are more tolerable.  Had a cat scan and every thing was normal.  Doc does not like too much scans and ca125 is not good for me.

    I am not good with a diet so I don't know if that contributes to the pains or if it was due to surgery and chemo.  This has been going on for about 3 years. Doc does internal exams and pap. Still NED. but why these pains? was it something he did during surgery, Robotic. I like my Doc, but sometimes I think he is least interested. Good health to all!!