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update - still at hospital - made it through storm

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Hi Everyone,
Today has been a very busy, hard, sad, filled with love, windy, rainy day.  The storm did not hit our island too badly.  Unfortunately is did cause damage on the Big Island but our island, Oahu is pretty much OK.  That was a huge relief.  We did have a blessing because of the storm and that is the doctors' offices were closed but the docs were here at the hospital and super available.  Dick an his onc have a great relationship and the onc spoke to us for over 1.5 hours today.  Dick went over and over with him his wishes for end of life and made sure that he was fully understood.  Everything is written down in a legal document but Dick was able to really talk it all through until he got comfortable.  Also, it was decided to drain the fluid around his lungs and they got 1 liter of fluid out.  We hope that helps Dick feel more comfortable breathing.  The urologist came for about an hour and that was also a huge blessing.  The kidneys are still not good.  However, the infection seems to be clearing and they are working better than before.  Tomorrow morning it will be decided if they will replace his stents.
Our daughter and Dick's best friend flew in together this afternoon.  I was a bit on pins and needles because when they took off from LA the storm was still around.  By the time they landed, things had calmed down.  It was great having them and another friend who flew in today in the hospital with us this afternoon and evening.
Our pastor (Dick's surf buddy) and his wife, very good friends of ours spent the day with us at the hospital.  It was great having them.  When they left, the wife headed to our house for a few hours to watch our other daughter since she is an RN.  It took the pressure off my sister and brother in law for a few hours.
I will update more as we go forth.  Praying for a place of peace in all of this for all of us.  So grateful for all of you.


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You are both very much in my thoughts and prayers.  Sending much love and support.

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Nana b
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God Bless.  You are being very stong during this difficult time and I admire your strength.  I got your PM, yes I would come!  Glad the storm missed you. Here is a link for natural remedies for kidney infections that can be taken with regular meds. Take care!  


Love ya! 






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Even my husband asked yesterday if I had heard if your daughter and friends had arrived. 

It sounds like Dick is surrounded by people he loves and compitent Doctors.  It make it all sound cozy, but of course, the situation is far from that. 

I hope his pain is under controll. I hope the infection clears up. I hope something miraculous happens. 

Many, many blessings to Dick, to you and your daughters. 



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I'm so happy you have a good support system. I know it's still the toughest situation. we are sending many prayers and cyber hugs. 

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I'm glad you have family and friends around for strength. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hi Kathleen,

I'm glad that they were able to remove the fluid from his lungs, that will make him so much more comfortable now.  And how nice that your daughter and Dick's friend were able to fly in to visit, that must have boosted his spirits a bit.  

Take care, and don't forget to try to get enough rest for yourself as well.


Cathleen Mary
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My heart aches for the situation you and Dick are in but I am so touched by the love that surrounds you both. My prayer for your family continues.

take a deep breath....


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love of love and prayers for you and your family.


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Today was filled with a lot of love as Dick's mom, sister and my mom arrived.  Our daughter was here with us all day and she and I are sleeping together on a cot right next to Dick's hospital bed.  They may or may not change out his stents tomorrow.  The anestheiologist will not do it unless his potassium come down. 
People have stepped up to watch our other daughter.  Our hearts are breaking but we are surrounded by love.
Thank you for your words.  <3


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I don't post much but do regularly keep up with the goings on of the members here.  Thank you for the updates.  Know that you, Dick, and your family have been in my prayers daily - especially through the island storms you have been weathering these past days.  I will continue to pray that you all weather the storms of this personal journey, as well. 




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Sending love and prayers.  Thinking of you!

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Dear sweet Kathleen

I have been in the margins of this journey for awhile, almost afraid to jump back into the core.  Fear is such a common place for all of us isn't it?  

One of my cats is entering the final days of his life, but still he jumps up here and curls up on my pillow, giving me warmth and allowing me to give him some as well.  It is hard to know who benefits more?  Remember Kathrine and her cats?  :):)  As you surround your life with the pearls; Dick, your children, your Mom, your sister, family and friends- gosh I hope that hospital room allows you all in there!  Kathleen?  gosh hun, count the love will you?  Just all of us over the years and all of the inperson love, people stopping their lives to embrace all of you.  Hear the deep rumble of pain, the pain of love I guess.  Collectively, wow.  Prayers that it will be enough to smooth the hours, days, weeks, all the time that Dick has left and for always.  

Holding on to you and prayers of peace.



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I've been thinking of you guys a lot.  I hope that he gets all that he wishes and that you both find the answers you need in all of this.  Hang in there.  Love, Helen

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