GBM tumor size and location

magyar Member Posts: 1

I had two tumors 100% resected from my right temporal lobe. One was 1.5 cm and the other was 8 mm. The surgeon thought the procedure went very well and that she was able to get all of the tumors as well as some of the surrounding tissue that probably has dendritic activity. The oncologist said the tumors were very small. I am 42 years old and had a seizure on the golf course. My surgery was 8/6 and I was sent home with no OT or PT requirements on 8/8. So far so good but I realize I am by no means out the woods and have a viscious battle ahead of me. I find out the results of the biopsy on 8/18 and begin radiation and chemo (Temodor).

I have a wonderful wife and a 7 year old son I love more than life itself. I am a Christian and I pray to the Lord that he heals my body. I am hopeful yet terrified. I have also changed my diet and am trying to stay positive. I wish the best for myself and everyone on this board. In addition to praying for the Lord's intervention in my case, I will pray for all of us.

If anyone has similar experiences with tumor size, age and percent resection I would appreciate feedback. God bless all of us and our families during this difficult time.