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8 down, 0 to go

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I can't believe I made it. I hate chemo days!!! I really dislike days 2-4 after chemo. I can't wait for food to taste good!! With all that negativity, I'm cautiouly super happy today as I finished my last chemo yesterday. I will have my big scan in three to four weeks!!! Thanks for all your prayers, hugs, support and info. While I know there is a chance that I'm not done and always a chance of relapse, I'm just happy to get here. It seemed so far off on May 1.  But time flew. I love you guys and pray for many of you every night. That will continue. Let me know of any new requests. 

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I'm happy for you and I hope your scan results come positive and no relapse ever! :) You can call yourself a cancer survivor. We are all lucky to have this opportunity to cure this deadly disease which would've been impossible if we were born in the previous century...

Hopefully food will start to taste good very soon. I'm glad not to have this problem, food only tates different the first couple of days after chemo and then it's all back to normal.




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     We are so happy for you, what a relief.  We know how difficult it was for you, especially for being a young man and a stud Wink to boot!  We really are hopeful that your catscan in a few weeks will show everything was a success.  We know how draining this has been for you and your family but the best thing is to keep on keeping on, what other choice do we have?  Many congrats to you and we look forward to good results in the future.

Our warm wishes,  Becky & Bill

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Thanks for the nice words and for making me laugh with the stud comment!! Anything to make me laugh helps as this weekend (day 2-3) has been challenging. Bill is a warrior and is in my prayers. Jeff

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Congratulations and happy dance time:




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Max Former Hodg...
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That thumbs up attitude did it for you Jeff !

May you be "clean" forever, and continue to inspire folks everywhere. Semper fi !

I have a chest CT on the 20th, to review a spot on my right lung, but the doc said he is not at this point considering it "suspicious."  I asked if it could be biopsied, and he said it was too small for a surgeon to find, and that most people my age have these things show up, and nearly all are benign.  My first-ever CT (in 2009) show similiar spots, which never changed; it is unknown what caused them, or when.  Something for your "list," if you will.... I am feeling and breathing well with the Simbicort; plenty of energy. 

You mentioned relapse. While anyone can, focus on the fact that the overwelming majority never doLive with that assurance. What might be called "relapse anxiety" gets ahold of a lot of people, but it too fades over the years, like any other side-effect. 



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You're on my list!!

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Hi Jeff,

  That is just great your chemo is now done! Thanks for sharing. I remember the wonderful feeling knowing the icky prednisone days were finally behind me. My worst days were the same as yours, but with me, the following week required plenty of rest and nothing strenuous as far as physical activities. Enjoy your freedom from chemo and get back to fun living. Go fishing! Smile Best wishes...Sue

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Thanks for the kind words and support. We are all in this together.

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Congrats on finishing up the chemo like a champ....Now everything will start to return back to somewhat normal, realizing of course that you will now have a new normal that may or may not be the same as it was prior to treatment. Hopefully food will taste good again for you soon, not sure how much weight you lost during chemo. I was one of the unfortunate ones that was on 200mg of prednisone, so I packed on about 30 pounds...lol..

Again congratulations and stay positive



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Food begins to taste ok after day 5 following chemo. I've forced myself to eat even on chemo days so I've not lost or gained weight. I think when everything is back to normal I will gain 50 pounds because I've been craving so many things that I've stayed away from. Thanks for the positive thoughts!! 

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Thanks for the kind words on my post from earlier, i wish you the best, food didnt taste good to me either and its really funny i had some really weird cravings as well, pastrami's was 1, there was so many.I craved mexican food and a lot of spicy stuff, my kids thought i was crazy. 

Keep up the fight!



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Joined: Apr 2014

That's funny because I'm kind of a health nut, but have been craving Taco Bell.

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Jeff . . . that really did fly by! You were a great patient with a fantastic attitude. Congratulations! I am praying your upcoming scan shows complete remission and that you have finished treatment for good.  




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Thanks so much for the nice words!! Also, thanks for the thoughtful comments on my blog.

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thats great news Jeff..i am sure your result will be as expected :-) CMR - Complete Metabolic Remission :-) did they talk about any radiotherapy after chemo?? I have just finished my rchop chemo (6cycles) 2months back and waiting for my decision on Radiatherapy after being in CMR for 2months now. 

prayers n hugs :-) 


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Good job finishing chemo and being CMR!!! For me, I have my scan next week and then will meet with my dr. the following week. Radiation has always been in the conversation but as a last resort as my cancer is surrounding my intestines. The area moves a lot and radiating the intestines can cause other problems. We shall see. CMR all the way!!!

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Fully expecting u to hav great news :-)

Praying for u and ur family. Hugs

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Got you and your husband on the prayer list too

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Congrats Jeff!  So happy for you.  I'm sure your big scan will come up clean.  Good luck.


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Congratulations Jeff !!

God gives his biggest battles to his biggest warriors! 

Happy for you!!!


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