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In hospital and 2 hurricanes heading toward us

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Dearest friends,

Thank you so much for your amazing and kind words.  They are like fresh water.  Dick had not urinated for 20 hours when he woke up this morning.  We knew that meant trouble.  So grateful my sister and bil are here.  They took him to ER and I was right behind them with our daughter as I was going to drop her off at school.  As you know, she has autism and epilepsy and it is best for her to stick with routine.  She and I pulled into McDonalds to get her hash browns and OJ and my car died in line.  I have had this car for 9 years and it has never died.  Of course there were already 2 people pulled behind me.  I got out and said, "I am so very sorry but my car has died."  Both of them were around 60 years old and they did not hesitate.  The man and woman, who did not know each other, said "Let's push" and they did.  They pushed my car into a parking space, smiled in the Hawaiian aloha way and went about their days.   Our daughter was so very, very upset since routine had been broken and she was in tears.  I called AAA and my mechanic and got it all set up.  She was so upset.  I then started to cry and a wonderful woman parked next to us.  She recognized our daughter from Shriners Hospital and just cried with me and offered to help in any way.  She was a huge comfort.  Bottom line is our daughter made it to school and I got to the hospitial.

Break in story.  Hurricane just got upgraded to cat 3.  Trying not to freak out.

Dick - kidneys are failing but may be infection.  Pain under control.  Moving to room.  Trying not to freak out about news on upgrade of hurricane.  Please pray for Dick and our family.

Daughter flying in tomorrow (if airport is open) with Dick's best friend.  mil and sil flying in.

I need to make sure all at home is safe and make some phone calls.  Will update later.


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Reading your post just brought hearache to me.  I'm praying for all of you for safety and healing and comfort.  Please be assured that you are never going though this alone.  Always remember that you have many people on here following your story and we will continue to pray for you all.  Please be safe and keep us updated.


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I am so sorry that Dick is in the hospital, but given your weather expected there perhaps it is for the best.  Hope that they can resolve the kidney issue and give him more time.

Prayers for your family trying to get to you in the midst of all this.  May they have safe, uneventful journeys.

I am so glad that your sister and bil are there with you. 

I hope that all remains safe at home, but special prayers for the safety of you and your family.

Hugs and love to all

Marie who loves kitties

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If it doesn't rain, it pours (sometimes literally). 

Your stress level must be hitting top notch right now. 

Dick is in my prayers. Also your daughter and friends, so that they can arrive saftly. 

And you, dear Kathleen, cyber hugs. 

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Thank you dear friends.  Your words are so precious.  The first hurricane is still coming and should "only" be a tropical storm when it arrives tomorrow morning.  The second storm is now a cat 3 but should down grade.  We are set at hospital and Dick even took some spoonfuls of soup and sips of root beer.  He is now sleeping again.  They say he has a big urinary track infection but the question is why.  Still not a lot of urine output which I know is not good.  Will keep you updated.



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Please stay safe!


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Hi Kathleen,

We are still saying prayers day and night for you and your family. Please take care.


Linda and Mom

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Oh my, what a bad you had.  :(   I hope that things improve a bit today with Dick's conditiion, and please stay safe with that impending hurricane.

All my best,


Gentle hugs to you both ((())

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I have been praying for you both and your family and will continue to do so.

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Nana b
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Kathleen, if you need any help you let me know, I will fly over (my cost) and help you. I'm not working and don't have plans until the 29th August and that can be changed too,  just let me know. 


Stay astong. 

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Special people on this board and you sure are one of them , You are an angel Hugs Ron.

Cathleen Mary
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Kathleen, There is so much on your plate.  Please somehow take care of you...easier said than done. I so wish that I could offer more than prayer.  You are in my heart.



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Nana b
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Thanks Ron, it's the least I can do, help.  Hope you are doing okay with the pain, you have been on this journey a long time, wish it was more comfortable for you.


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I am so very sorry.   I remember losing it over a flat tire.  Silly now that I think of it but at the time it was just overwhelming, one more thing going so very wrong.  I remember a kind lady seeing I was somewhat upset staying until the tire got fixed and I was on my way.  Reminds me that there are some very good and kind people in this world.  So, dear one go ahead and have a good cry, scream, yell at a tree!  You are surrounded with those that know and love you and Dick and are loved and cared for by so very many you have never personally met.  Hopefully that brings you some degree of comfort. 

Love and Hugs - Tina

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Wishing there was something we could do to ease your heartache and make everything better.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers. sending love!

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I hope this finds the storm downgraded and a moment of peace your way.

Sending my love and best wishes your way.  Here's to Dick pain getting under complete control and the problem being solve.


Winter Marie

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Prayers from me. I don't have the words. You have been a friend and inspiration to me. All my best.Chip[

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