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Update of mom's surgery

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The doctor said it was routine however she did not react well to the anesthesia, that was expected.  She is 72 and had issues with it before.

She had an open partial, today she had a slight fever  with a flush face however her hands were ice.

She has been taking the nausea medicine along with something for heartburn which she has not had prior.

Weak sat in a chair today, but I was hoping for a bit longer of a walk, so did the doctor.

My emotions are on a roller coaster, thanks for letting me talk to someone other than myself.




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Hi Elaine, Glad your mum got thru her surgery okay. I was terrified when my husband had his nephrectomy. Hope her recovery goes well. At 72 might take her a wee bit longer to bounce back from surgery than some other patients your doc has. I will be praying for you both. Hugs Melissa xox

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Agree that age might have a bit to do with the recovery, but the worst is over for her.  

Hang in there!  Soon she'll be doing long walks in the sun with you 8-)

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As stated before I had my Neph at 59 and am 71 now. It is going to take a lot longer at 72 to recover as you are not as strong physically as before. Additionally her partial was open surgery. Do not rush things or try to compare her speed of recovery with those much younger. Things should be fine in the long run.



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How is your mom doing now? I am sure she will get back to her old self....like everyone has said already - it will take her a little longer to heal.

Be kind to yourself! We are here for you if you need us!



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