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Question after first post-I/O follow-up

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I was hoping someone might be able to shed a little light on my first post I?O follow-up visit yesterday -- first a little background:

I was diagnosed back in April, and had my left I/O about a week later.  No elevated tumor markers pre or post, and Path report came back as 100% pure seminoma with no signs of spread; there was one slightly enlarged lymph node (7 mm.), but they thought that might be reactive from the surgery, so surveillance was the plan.

Fast forward to my 3-month CT scan and check-up, the enlarged node is now at 1.6cm, but there are still no elevated tumor markers in the bloodwork.  My oncologist suggests having a biopsy done on the node before planning any tpe of treatment - anyone have any similar type situations?  This is the only lymph node that is showing up on the scan.  I have the biopsy scheduled for next week, but as you all know the waiting is the hardest part.



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Hi Joe,

That seems like a good approach. I truly feel for you about the old "hurry up and wait" syndrome. The good news is that there aren't any elevated tumor markers, but probably best to biopsy that node. I, too, had an enlarged lymph node with no markers after an orchiectomy, got the biopsy, and it was clean. So I hope the same for you! 

All the best to you Joe!



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