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Pancreatic Cancer

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Joined: Aug 2014

Any surviors out there.  Like to hear your story.


Steve Cool
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My Wife was not well she had Terminal Pancreatic Cancer

she had chemo therapy

And in April 2014 after 2 years 3 mounths and 7 days of hell She Died of pneumonia

Life is not good

Joyce Ladouceur
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 On Jan 2012 I had a Whipple procedure done for 

Stage 3 pancreatic cancer .They removed my gull bladder.

The head of my pancreas's ..part of my stomach...bile duct...

Some of my intestine and 17 lympnodes. I then did 6 months

Of chemo...7 months later this came back only to  2 places in my 

Liver...I was told I had 5-6 months to live and that I could try another

Treatment but that was all it was! I came home that day..I sat on my

Couch and I remembered that this Jesus that had washed away my

Sin so many years ago could certainly wash away this cancer once and for 

All but I knew I had to do my part too. So I went into hospital ..had a port shoved

In my chest and began this horrible experience again. I didn't even make it through the

First round....I got violently sick.. My blood was taken and my tumour markers came

Down to half and right then and there I knew God was at work ! Next treatment I slept through

And with home with chemo which I wore around my neck that run for the next couple

Of days. 5 months of this and this cancer was gone.  IIts been 3 years since my Whipple and 16

Months of freedom from cancer . The doctors and medical team could only take me

so far but it was God that was in control and took me the rest of the way. I can tell you this ..

when Jesus takes something from you ....that is the end of it...it is gone for good . Luke 18

Verse 27 tells us that God can do what man cannot !   Our God is awesome and how I thank Him f

For sending Jesus.....Don't ever let anyone tell you there is no hope because with God there is. !...................

I'm just learning the computer so please excuse my errors..........................


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I hope this post finds you well.  I have been searching for other pancreatic cancer survivors since my surgery 1/4/16.  I was blessed with a support base of about 10,000 prayer warriers, family, friends, friends of friends,  and even strangers who heard I needed prayer and prayed for me.  So Far... no chemo, no radiation, just the surgery.  On Aug 16, I get next CT scan.  All past scans are negative.  I know one other person who is a 12 year survivor.  I'm an optimist, if one person can survive then others can also survive.  I hope to hear that you make the survivors club so there is at least 3 of us.

I'm a married, retired guy enjoying 13 grandchildren.

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on July 8th 2016, my husband was complaining of a real bad back pain, therefore we went to the VA Dallas and had xrays done, come to find out my husband had cance all over his back.  We return back to out home town and had a biospy done, and found out he had stage V pancreatic cancer. Within 6 weeks he was in hospice care at home. He passed away August 23rd over a month ago twenty days after my birthday and 26 days before out 44th anniversary. I never had death in my mind. When he passed I was still out of body.  What was I going to do, how was I going to make it.  My husband was my life,  I was his Queen.  I never paid bills, or went grocery shopping, he cooked all the meals, washed, vaccum the house.  I was lost. In his last days he told me to take care of yourself, I was like where are you going. He simply smiled. Here I am to day so all along even in the mist of people, family. The pain is soo great it doen't hurt, it like a big opening in my chest without a heart, I guess my husband took it with him, I do not know.

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I am sorry to hear your wife died, I too am fighting Pneumonia right now. It’s been real hell to get rid of, I have been having problems with it for over 4 mounts now.






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I was diagnosed with NET pancreatic cancer in November 2015.  Cancer Treatment Center in Atlanta area immediately did the Whipple procedure.  On August 16, 2017 I get my next CT scan.  So far all scans have come back clear and negative for cancer.  I'm looking for other survivors.

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Dennis?  I too am looking for survivors.  I'm newer to the group.  Had surgery on 1/4/16.  Cancer free since with no chemo or radiation.  Get next CT scan on Aug. 16, 2017.  Hope to hear you are doing well.

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