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I'm desperate for some help

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I'm desperate for some help,  my husband has improved a bit and has said we can try some cannabis oil - so I need someone to help me get some or send me some.

Thank you,  Thank you,  Thank you.


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I am not sure what State you are in, but it cannot be sent thru the mail.  You really cannot cross State lines with it either.  Don't be to discouraged, the oil is good for chemo side effects but doesn't cure cancer, that I know of.   We have the oil in California and you can buy it with the Medical card.  

I wish we could send you some.  You can buy it in Colorado, however, you are not supposed to cross state line with it.  This should be available to anyone who is sick & feels it can help them.

Hugs from George & Diane

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Hi Sandi,

I believe you live in NJ, so you might want to check out this site: http://gardenstatedispensary.com/find-a-physician/

And although it won't cure him of cancer, my hope for you is that either MJ or the oil might relieve some of your husband's symptoms.

From an nbc web article:

"Only six months after a grand opening, southern New Jersey's sole medical marijuana dispensary is struggling to survive.

Many patients complain that the application and doctor approval process takes three months, on average, and is too cumbersome for the program to succeed, Thomas said.

Patients also report they spend about $1,000 on doctor visits and registration "before they even get in the door" of the dispensary, he said.

Because of marijuana's uncertain status - it is still illegal under federal law - insurance does not cover the visits.

Nor does it cover the cost of the drug, about $400 an ounce."

Read more: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/health/Few-Patients-So-Far-for-NJ-Marijuana-Dispensary-258763371.html#ixzz39Z6kzr6S

All my best,


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The reason they are struggling in NJ is you need an RX for the canabis,, and there are only a handfull of DR's licensed to prescribe this..

I hope those that true need it get it. but most people cannot even stage 4 can just ask for the RX..

You have to find the Dr's who have gone to the state regulated training.. most are pain management drs from my research..

I hope this helps someone..


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No helpful info, but I'm glad he's improved a bit.   Hope he continues to.  Good luck with the search.

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Hope this helps . Patient in Minnesota had tried all pain management and drs. final resort got him Marinol 2.5mg gel capsules. It's medical marajuana . It controlled his pain and nausea but also made him funny. I hope you can source whatever will make life easier ahead and I wish you all the best to both of you.


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Nana b
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On Facebook go to group Cannabis Cures, every day there are testimonies of cures...  Not saying it can't come back but when people have been sent home to die, this has helped them  The Challange is getting to 1 gram of oil a day for 60 days, the first 30 days you are getting used to it so that you can function.  You do get high at first but your body adjusts to it.  It's also expensive you best bet is to grow plants by getting them at a dispensary and try to stick to an Indica Strain.  The oil is not hard to make, very easy steps.  I ordered the nut bag from Amazon to strain it.  Don't use plastic, use glass to strain it into.  


My thing is that I often travel and I have to stop it.  But at least my lesions aren't growing, may they stay that way, or go away. 

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