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I"m new to this board and a friend from Facebook recommended that I get involved.

I'm a survior of Stage 2a Rectal Cancer as well as Stage 3 Thyroid cancer.  I was "lucky" enough to get both within a 14 month period.   I'm now 19 months out from my initial diagnosis and feeling pretty darn good after surviving my two epic battles.   I have the battle scars as well as a mangled plumbing down below.   Pain is gone, but still struggling with the after effects of the treatments.

Hi to everyone and have a great day!


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Love the name. I love anything and anyone crazy. 

Congratulations on surviving two speprate cancers. Really, life can be totally unfair. One cancer is bad enough, but two, thats just plain cruel.

This is a wonderfu place, and we're always excited to hear from someone who is going well. 

You'll find allot of us who are working our way through bathroom difficulties, so you're not alone. 

Looking forward to getting to know you here. 


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I know right!  I've become so desensitized after so many of these conversations that I didn't even realize he just said he had two cancers, no wonder he's crazy! 

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Welcome to the forum. Is that handsome young man in the picture your son.

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... from the german branch of this great great group.

Glad you found us


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We hate that there is a need for new folks to find us, but we are glad that we can be here to help.

Ask any question and you will probably find someone who has had a similar experience or can help you find an answer.

Emotional support is also in abundance here.

Marie who loves kitties

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I am also a stage 2 recital cancer and a stage 1 thyroid cancer survivor! I have been Ned from rectal cancer for 4 Years and 3 1/2 

years Ned from thyroid! Isn't it lovely 2 different cancers. I found out about my thyroid when I had scans after finishing treatment for rectal cancer. Talk about a kick in the gutt....


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Ha, I've been having pain in my neck and my doctor said it's because of dental work.  I feel like reading this reminds me to say I WANT THIS TEST and so now, I'm going to have a scan.  I have hypothyroid and it's time for a checkup anyway, may as well request the scan.

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