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Nana b
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Got back from Standford and they tell me cyberknife is on hold until October 3, when I get my next scan to see how the chemoemobilization worked.  My lesions on my lungs and lymph nodes are not growing, and I hope it's due to my meditation, my pretty much raw diet and my morning greens that I juice and my afternoon smoothie.  I also take supplents, C, D3, Calcium, B13, Turmeric, Milk Thistile, digestive enzynes and an immune booster.  I took these the last time I went into remission, so here I go again.   Wish me luck!

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I hope that the chemostabilization leads to a lot of improvement that makes the cyberknife procedure even more effective. I am a strong believer that stress creates optimal conditions for cancer to grow, so I am betting that the meditation and your dietary habits and suppments are indeed having a positive impact and abating the further growth of the lesions. Bew well, I hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful days of summer that we still have ahead!

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Sounds like you are doing everything from your part. Hopefully with the help of your doctors you will achieve awesome things.


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